Social Media Unwrapped: Innocent Drinks 

There’s nothing that spurs a social media marketer on more than the possibility of a viral post. No one has mastered this quite like Innocent Drinks. 

But how do they manage it? Read on to find out.

The Innocent Drinks Story

Innocent Drinks is a British beverage company founded in 1999 by Richard Reed, Adam Balon, and Jon Wright. They started by selling smoothies at a music festival and received an overwhelmingly positive response. 

The company expanded into the retail market in 2001, gaining popularity for their healthy and delicious drinks. In 2009, they partnered with The Coca-Cola Company while maintaining their independence. 

Innocent Drinks continued to grow, introducing new products and promoting sustainability. They remain dedicated to creating natural beverages while focusing on quality and social responsibility.

Their fun and light hearted approach to socials has gained them great notoriety, with viral posts hitting our screens on the regular. 

Innocently Funny

Innocent has an innate understanding of their audience’s preferences – they crave videos, GIFs, and photos featuring adorable animals, humorous puns, and posts that cleverly mock popular culture. Their social media presence is consistently on-trend, always serving up the latest and most captivating content.

What sets Innocent apart is their self-awareness and acknowledgment of marketing clichés, including hashtag holidays. 

In fact, they fearlessly called out ‘Blue Monday’ as a concoction of marketing, demonstrating a refreshing and transparent postmodern social media tactic. 

This approach resonates with a generation that values honesty and transparency in marketing strategies.

A Blended Up Influencer Approach  

Innocent’s approach to celebrity and influencer partnerships is also astute and unconventional. 

In a landscape saturated with paid sponsorships and product endorsements, they choose to think outside the box, crafting campaigns that stand out and resonate deeply with their audience. This uniqueness sets them apart in the modern social media sphere.

The Ultimate Innocent Goal

Innocent’s ultimate goal is to create a positive and uplifting experience for its audience, encouraging them to not only engage with the content but also share it with others. 

Their content strategy embraces a delightful blend of one-liners, captivating product imagery, and curated content from other sources, all masterfully delivered in a consistent and on-brand tone of voice.

In essence, Innocent’s social media efforts are a perfect reflection of their brand ethos – spreading joy, positivity, and smiles across the digital landscape. By touching the hearts of their audience, they continue to build a loyal and engaged community, one delightful post at a time.

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