Social Media Unwrapped: Surreal Cereal

With a more informal and humorous approach to Social Media around to stay, there are few accounts to hit the mark better than Surreal Cereal.

A newcomer to the breakfast cereal scene, Surreal Cereal bring healthy cereals to customers bowls, without compromising on flavour. Here’s why we are loving their socials. 

Surreal Cereal: A New Voice

With a playful ethos at the heart of everything they do, from their straight to the point webite to their Instagram posts, the brand have a distinct tone of voice and personality, differentiating them from the rest. 

Zero sugar but definitely not zero spice, Surreal Cereal champions healthy bodies, minds and planet without the usual well-being fluff.

Entice, Engage and Entertain

Surreal Cereal cleverly craft a feed that strikes the perfect balance between promotional and engaging. Avoiding typical sales talk, they humanise the brand through light-hearted posts.

Instagram can often be a serious place where branded content is carefully curated and values aesthetic above all else. With cancel-culture at a high, risk averse brands tend to steer clear.

 Whilst sticking to a minimalistic and recognisable branding theme, Surreal Cereal set themselves apart by not taking themselves too seriously. The result is engaging, entertaining content with a viral potential. 

Humour Is Currency On Social Media

The newcomer to the cereal scene embrace honesty and vulnerability instead of portraying themselves as perfect authorities. Additionally, they fearlessly use humour to entertain their customer base, even if it means poking fun at themselves. This approach has built them a loyal and engaged customer base.

Humour as a marketing strategy has seen a recent surge, popularised by the likes on Aldi and RyanAir, who’s viral content how proven that the fun can be brought back to social spaces. 

It’s not for everyone, but when done well it is accessible and appealing, providing value to followers without even mentioning product. 

Implementing Humour Into Your Strategy 

Humour is an effective tool for top of the funnel activity, hooking that audience in, but it cannot serve alone. Socials are all about brand awareness, but without the right reinforicements to achieve your goals, you could fall into the trap of being a glorified meme account. 

The followers journey must be considered, to take them from brand awareness through consideration, to achieving that final goal.

Are you thinking of introducing humour into your strategy? Here are some of our top tips…

  • Consistency is key. If your brand alternates between being funny and witty one moment and serious and formal the next, it can create uncertainty among your consumers.
  • Leverage the power of memes, emojis, GIFs, branded hashtags, competitions, and captivating imagery to enhance the time consumers spend engaging with your brand online. 
  • Engaging with popular accounts by retweeting/sharing their content or leaving comments on original posts that mention your brand is an excellent strategy to attract similar-minded consumers to your social networks.

Is it time to change-up your social? We’d love to hear from you.