Social Media Unwrapped: Glossier

If you have been anywhere near Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest in the last few years, you’ve likely stumbled across Glossier—a beauty brand that took the world by storm with its minimalist aesthetic, authentic messaging, and a fan base that won’t quit.

Whether you’re an aspiring influencer, an entrepreneur, or someone who’s just keen on marketing, there is much to learn from Glossier’s social media strategy. Here’s a closer look at why it works and the key takeaways you can apply to your own social media game.

Glossier’s a Community, Not Just a Customer Base

Why It Works

The first secret in Glossier’s strategy is community building. Glossier does not treat its followers like simple consumers; they are considered integral community members who contribute to the brand’s story. They repost user-generated content, interact with followers, and even include their audience in product development.

This strategy turns followers into brand advocates, making each follower not just a single sale, but a walking, talking advertisement for the brand.

Your Takeaway

Engage, engage, engage!

Instead of seeing social media as a platform to display your products or services, see it as a two-way conversation between you and your followers. Share user-generated content to show customer satisfaction and to make your followers feel seen and heard.

Authenticity Over Perfection

Why It Works

Unlike some beauty brands that aim for a highly polished, almost unattainable level of beauty, Glossier leans into authenticity. Their content often features minimal makeup looks, “imperfections” like freckles and acne, and a diverse array of models.

This genuine approach is a breath of fresh air in a sea of over-edited selfies and makes their followers feel that they can actually achieve the looks Glossier promotes.

Your Takeaway

Perfection is overrated. Followers are more likely to connect with a brand that shows real people and real situations. Instead of creating a “perfect” image of your product, show how it fits into everyday life.

Glossier’s Interactive and Engaging Content

Why It Works

From Q&A sessions and how-to videos to virtual try-ons, Glossier is never shy to make the most out of each social media platform’s features. The brand uses Instagram Stories for quick polls, Twitter for customer service, and Pinterest for inspiring mood boards. Each channel is tailored to provide unique value to their community.

Your Takeaway

Each social media platform has its unique set of tools and audience. Don’t cross-post the same content everywhere; tailor it to suit the platform’s features and audience.

Leveraging User Reviews

Why It Works

Glossier frequently shares reviews and testimonials from users who have tried and loved their products. They even have a dedicated hashtag for their community to share their reviews, #glossierreview. This adds a layer of credibility to the brand and allows followers to get unbiased opinions from people like them.

Your Takeaway

If your customers are happy, chances are they’ll tell their friends. Make it easy for them by creating a specific hashtag or encouraging them to tag you in their reviews. Once they do, make sure to share those reviews on your own platforms.

Final Thoughts

The magic behind Glossier’s social media success isn’t just its minimalist aesthetic or innovative products. It’s a carefully crafted strategy that prioritises community and authenticity.

So, if you’re looking to elevate your own social media strategy, the lessons are clear: engage with your followers authentically, leverage each platform’s unique features, and never underestimate the power of a satisfied customer.

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