Pinterest Acquires Video Editing App Vochi ?

To continue broadening its approach to video content, Pinterest has acquires video editing app Vochi. This app allows users to add effects to their videos.

“Today we’re announcing that we’ve acquired Vochi, a video creation and editing app focused on democratizing quality tools for creators. Acquiring Vochi is part of our commitment to helping creators bring more quality video content to Pinterest. Having more inspiring content can provide Pinners with more ways to watch, make and shop creator ideas,” Instagram said.

Vochi allows users to add 3D effects, remove items from videos amongst many other things. 

For the time being, Vochi will remain a stand-alone app whilst Pinterest considers its options on how to use it. 

What do you think of this new acquisition? 

Instagram Launches New Round Of Live-Stream Events ❄️

Instagram launches a new round of live-stream events for the holidays. This shows they are continually trying to enhance the consumers behavior, and increase eCommerce transactions within the app.

Instagram has said: “From December 7 – 15, we’re hosting a series of live holiday shopping events on Instagram featuring Nia Sioux (@niasioux), Lisa Rinna (@lisarinna) and more of your favorites. You’ll find exclusive offers and a curated selection of gifts for you and your special ones. Tune in on the Instagram Shop tab!”

Streams will cover a range of topics, including fashion, recipes and ‘gifts under $30’. 

More announcements about these live-stream events are coming up in the near future. This is taking advantage of the fact that 89% of people are showing an interest in live-stream shopping. This is according to Facebook’s own research.

What do you think of the new live-streams? 

Instagram Adds Custom Text To Link Stickers And New Color Options To Story Links ✨

Instagram has given the option to include text to link stickers that can be customised. They have also provided the option to choose from a number of colours for the stickers. This adds more chances to get creative with your stories, increasing traffic to your links.

To use this feature just tap the sticker and your options will appear. Currently there are not many colour options but it’s a great start nevertheless. 

This new feature comes after Instagram allowed all users access to link stickers in October. It gives more ways to boost your audience and engagement. Although currently basic, it would be great to experiment how your audience responds to this.

Are you interested in this new option? ?

TikTok Shares The Most Popular Products Promoted On The Platform Of 2021 ?

TikTok has created a list of all the most popular items on the platform from 2021. These all used the hashtag #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt.

“When the TikTok community comes together, they move culture – and commerce – in powerful ways and the #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt phenomenon is a prime example. Products they rave about become cultural sensations, inspiring people on and off TikTok to try, buy, and share with their networks, leading to massive consumer demand, out-of-stock shelves, and months-long waitlists for products,” TikTok said.

The post, published to it’s own website, is a list compiled of 23 products. These products include clothing, makeup and food. These products were all chosen from which were most shared by TikTokers.

Each product includes a brief overview, which also points to popular TikTok influencers who have shared videos about it. Tapping on the ‘Learn More’ prompt then takes you through to a product page on the respective business’ website.

Have you ever bought anything from TikTok?

Instagram Adds More Protection And Well-Being Prompts For Young Users ?

Earlier this year, internal reports from Facebook were released. These showed how Meta was aware that Instagram is harmful for mental health. However, Meta rebutted this, saying it was only small-scale data.

However, Instagram has now announced a series of new features. These were designed to tackle the negative impacts that app has on users, especially those who are young.

These new features include parental controls. This means parents or guardians will be able to limit how much their children spend on the app. Additionally, they will also be able to see how much time they currently spend on it. 

Additionally, young users will now be able to notify their parents when they report someone. This now allows parents and/or guardians to become more involved and aware of their children’s activity on Instagram. 

Do you think these new features will be beneficial to young users?

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