Meet The Team: Account Executive Pippa

A key member of the team, Account Manager Pippa drives social media strategies and fosters strong client relationships. We couldn’t live without her. 

Find out more about Pippa below!

Pippa, what did you want to be when you were younger?

I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do as a job when I was younger, but I knew that I wanted it to be something to do with words. 

Looking back, I remember wanting to work for a fashion magazine, but that had more to do with my obsession with The Hills than anything else. 

Where did your social media journey start? 

My social media journey started with an internship at the PR agency, Weber Shandwick. I was placed on the social media team for Aldi UK

I loved that my first social media experience was with a brand that was so brave with social media, and I got the chance to work on some great campaigns like #KevinTheCarrot and Aldi UK’s sponsorship of Team GB at the Rio Olympics. 

What is a mistake that you’ve made in marketing that you’ve learnt from?

I remember being pulled up for a spelling mistake in a hashtag in a content planner by a client in one of my very first projects. Since that day, I’ve had trust issues with hashtags. 

What is your favourite campaign that you have worked on? 

The most exciting campaign that I’ve had the pleasure of working on during my career was with Iceland Foods and their ‘banned’ Christmas TV ad. In 2018, Iceland Foods removed palm oil from its own branded products. 

The Christmas ad celebrated this and focused on an animated orangutan: Rang-Tan. However, this ad was deemed ‘too political’ for TV, so we decided to run the campaign across social media instead.

 It was amazing to see the reaction from social media users, and it felt great to contribute to a wider discussion on sustainability and the environment. 

What is your favourite social account? Doesn’t have to be one of ours

I love Monzo on Instagram. I love how they relate their data insights from their app and build them out into reactive and timely content pieces. Clever! 

Finally Pippa, one tool/website you can’t live without?

Does TikTok count as a tool if you constantly use it as a search engine? Then, yes. TikTok. I must be a visual learner as I find myself reaching for a video explanation over anything else these days. 

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