Content Creation Internship: A Day In The Life

My name is Lida Samulescu, and I am completing a Content Creation Internship with Social Republic. I am graduate student at Manchester Metropolitan University with a degree in Advertising and Brand Communications.

My journey at Social Republic started when I finished all my assignments for university in May 2023.  I wanted to do something productive with my time until graduation. Completing an internship would help me acquire valuable practical knowledge in the marketing field. I became passionate about this area of study during my university time. 

Discovering Internship Possibilities

My journey started with a Google search. I found the marketing agency Social Republic, located in Manchester. After some research, I decided to send my CV and express my interest in the internship on the website. I was excited when I received the email which said that I am accepted to start my 8 weeks internship.

Gaining Practical Skills

During this internship, I’ve had the opportunity to solve different tasks which helped me in gaining knowledge in the marketing field. This includes informing myself about the companies that Social Republic collaborates with, checking their social media platforms, approaching new content ideas for different clients, writing blog articles, and creating marketing memes for LinkedIn. 

This internship has taught me the importance of punctuality, meeting deadlines, being organised and effectively communicating with my colleagues. I really enjoy having different tasks each day, attending meetings and learning  new things in marketing from other people that have more experience in this industry. 

By working alongside professionals in the field, I gained valuable insights into marketing research, content planning and execution.This practical experience allows me to develop my creativity, copywriting skills, and attention to details. 

Overall, my marketing internship will be fundamental in building a strong foundation of marketing knowledge and skills. It provided me with practical experience and a deeper understanding of the industry which will benefit me in my future career.

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