All You Need To Know About Snapchat’s New Creator Marketplace

Are you ready for the ultimate tool to boost your presence on Snapchat and develop innovative engaging AR experiences? Then this will be right up your street. Snapchat has announced the testing of their new Creator Marketplace. 

The new feature will assist businesses to find and partner with Snapchat creators for advertisements on the platform. 

Initially, businesses will only be able to search for AR Creators including Lens Creators, Lens Developers, Lens Partners. This will drive the creation of exciting AR experiences. 

The marketplace will be expanded to all Snap stars and creators later in 2022.

As you can below, the new Marketplace will allow businesses to search by location, language, speciality, lens category and budget. 

Snapchats new creator marketplace.
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Snap says that “for businesses, this is a new opportunity to leverage the creativity and expertise of Snap Creators – who know the Snapchat Generation best! – to drive ROI for Snapchat marketing activity. For Creators, it opens the door to greater partnership opportunities with all kinds of brands so that Creators can build their own business on Snapchat.” 

Not only will the new marketplace streamline the process of finding creators but it will also foster new innovations and partnerships between brands and creators.

This new feature is one you should keep in mind when developing your social strategy. 

We can’t wait to see the innovation AR experiences the Creator Marketplace enables! 

Will you be using Snapchat’s brand new Creator Marketplace?

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