You Can Now Schedule Your Stories On Facebook And Instagram

Social media fanatics, this new update is going to have you jumping with joy. Did you know that you can now schedule your Facebook and Instagram Stories? 

Not only this, but Facebook is also looking to introduce a new option in Business Suite to compose and plan Facebook and IG Stories.

The latest addition will help keep content creation as simple as possible. 

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not…

So, what does this update include?
  • The addition of the scheduling tool to plan and schedule Stories in advance.
  • The option to save and edit Stories in one place. 
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Facebook shared an overview (above) of what this new tool will look like. 

As highlighted on the image, there will be the option to save Stories as a ‘draft’. These can then be transferred to be scheduled in a specific time frame. 

Users can also create and edit Stories in one place. 

With the option to see an overview of all Story drafts for both Facebook and Instagram, creators can have their finger on the pulse. 

So, what will this mean for marketers? According to a recent Facebook study, 2 out of 3 Facebook Business Suite users say the interface helps them connect with more customers and 63% of users say the product helps them grow their business.

Well, it’s safe to say that this new update will enable users to save time and get organised with planning Stories in advance.

By saving time, marketers can spend more time connecting with customers on their content.

And with the ability to master everything in Facebook Business Suite, social media fanatics can schedule, plan and edit with ease and flexibility. 

And to make life even easier your scheduled posts will then be displayed on your content calendar within the Business Suite app, alongside your Stories drafts.

Are you planning on scheduling your Facebook or Instagram Stories? 

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