Why Community Management Is So Important

Community management is the process of actively engaging with a community of followers/users online.

Creating a community of loyal followers can have a great impact for your brand, often resulting in higher levels of advocacy, greater engagement and an increase in repeat customers.

In the following article, we will discuss the four reasons why community management should be a priority for your brand.

1.     Higher customer satisfaction

Actively engaging with those who interact with your brand can be highly beneficial for creating satisfied customers.

Answering queries, liking comments and resolving any issues makes your brand appear proactive and as a result shows that you care about your customer’s experience.

Community management can be an extension of your customer service strategy, so if you develop a suitable tone of voice and actively respond to your users, they are much more likely to be satisfied.

As a result, your followers will be more likely to engage with you in the future, whether this be through making a purchase or through further interactions via social media.

2.     Personable experience

Brands are often criticised for viewing their consumers as just an opportunity to make money.

In this era where competition is saturated, brands need to do more than just provide a great product and/or service offering.

Consumers are demanding a personalised experience more and more, one which community management can help to provide.

It is highly likely that if an individual is making a decision to purchase from one brand over another, they are more likely to choose a brand which has actively made the effort to engage with them.

This also means the likelihood of your brand receiving recommendations is likely to increase.

3.     Humanises your brand

Creating a notable presence on social media and a tone of voice to match is a great way to humanise your brand.

Giving your brand a personality via the content it creates and the way it engages with its community is critical.

Providing your brand with a human touch can help make processes smoother, for example, if someone has received an error in their order but you are quick to apologise and offer suitable compensation, your business is less likely to receive any negative backlash.

This approach can help your brand to seem less commercial and more consumer focused.

4.     Builds a greater community

Community management is not only great for increasing the advocacy of any existing members of your community, it can also help you to grow your brand.

Actively engaging and following accounts that are relevant means that your content it much more likely to be seen, and as a result, you are likely to see a rise in followers.

Social media platforms reward those accounts which stay social, so investing some valuable time into creating a strong community management strategy is definitely worthwhile.

If your brand needs any help with its community management, get in touch today.