When Should You Be Posting During Lockdown?

Sprout Social has released a report on the best times that brands should be posting during lockdown.

Lockdown has resulted in a change of consumer behaviour. People now have more free time, which has resulted in them spending longer online but with a shift as to when they are active.

There has been a significant increase in the number of users accessing social media platforms – providing brands with a greater opportunity to reach a larger, more engaged audience.

Many organisations now need to adapt their social strategy in order to tap into these trends and cater for these changes.

There is little point posting at 7am on a Monday if your target audience is no longer up and commuting to work at this time. Therefore brands need to reevaluate and interpret what its audience’s social schedule now looks like.

Sprout Social has outlined that the best times to be posting on Facebook, in terms of achieving the greatest engagement levels, are Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 10-11am.

For Instagram it appears that the optimum time to be sharing content is on a Tuesday either 11am or 2pm, with Friday at 11am also seeing a large volume of user activity.

Twitter has not seen too much difference in its peak times of engagement. Friday still proves to be the most popular, particularly between the hours of 7 and 9am.

Finally, if you want to capture the greatest audience on LinkedIn, it is best to post later in the week, with Wednesday, Thursday and Friday coming out on top.

These are just some general user trends which have been noticed during lockdown. When it comes to your business you need to evaluate whether these timings really suit your audience.

Has your business adapted its social strategy in light of lockdown?