What Does The Future Look Like For Marketing? 4 Ways Marketing Is Going To Change

What Does The Future Look Like For Marketing? 4 Ways Marketing Is Going To Change

Marketing is what makes social media thrive, it’s where information is retrieved and knowledge is plentiful. 

As technology’s capabilities persist, marketers need to keep up. But what is the future for marketing and what direction is it going in? 

In our recent article we break apart four ways in which marketing is going to change and what impact this may have on social media…

  1. Technical Marketers

It’s obvious to state that marketing is going to change dramatically as a result of the latest technological developments. 

These new evolutions will enable marketers to specialise in different areas of the industry, but mainly revolving around these technical new skills.

With the large amounts of data that are retrieved through marketing, the marketer’s themselves need to analyse it. In comes “artificial intelligence, GDPR and agile workflows”*…

A marketer will not solely be just a ‘marketer’ anymore, they will encompass many different aspects into the one role. From design, data, engineering. All these angles will be involved in analysing marketing data and information retrieved from social campaigns.

  1. Data Driven

In order to gain success, the magic ingredient is… data. 

According to Acoustic*, data has been foundational for successful marketers. Data is what enables marketers to create customer segmentation, deep personalisation and relevant messaging to clients and prospects. 

With this new mindset on marketing, there will be roles in business dedicated to analysing data closely and breaking it apart for content purposes.

No longer will be the days that brands target mass audiences, but rather specific people who will be relevant to your company and its products. 

  1. Personalisation 

Brands are competing to offer the best customer experience with the overall goal of making its consumers satisfied, happy and most importantly repeatedly come back.  

Whether that be re-purchasing a product, telling their friends about your brand or spreading awareness through word of mouth.

According to a recent statistic** “94% of companies agree that personalisation is critical to its current future success.”

  1. Marketing Will Evoke Emotion

Consumers are becoming more prominently drawn into marketing which provokes emotion.

The act of going through with a purchase isn’t just for the end result. It’s about the emotional decision involved. 

For example – what did they see that triggered this desire to go through with the purchase? Has a piece of marketing related to them specifically, did this bring on feelings of happiness? It’s all about the personable qualities marketing displays and the positive sentiment that goes alongside that. 

These are known as emotional triggers whereby the audience is brought on a journey which begins with content marketing. The brand needs to be represented as loyal, trustworthy, genuine, share the same core values as its consumers and most importantly, be authentic. 

Are you excited about the future of marketing?