Instagram Is Testing More Creator Tools – Weekly Social Media Round Up

Instagram Is Testing More Creator Tools ?

These tools include adding a partnerships messaging folder. This makes it easy to differentiate between general messages and sponsored opportunities and communications. 

Specifically, these messages will be filtered through Facebook’s Brand Collabs Manager. That also means that all of the brands getting in touch via this folder will have met Partner Monetisation policies as a qualifier for the new connection tools. 

This gives the potential for an easier way to collaborate on opportunities for creators and brands.

Instagram’s also launching new branded content ads in Reels which will act as a new way towards monetizing the short video format. Instagram has said, “We brought branded content to Reels earlier this year and now follow with the introduction of branded content ads in Reels.”

It’s basically the same as previous Reels, however, they have added the ‘Sponsored’ marker instead of just ‘Paid Partnership’. 

These new updates are really exciting for Instagram. Will you be using these creator tools and new branded content ads? ?

Google Launches ‘Google for Creators’ ?

Google couldn’t watch everyone else having fun, so the platform has decided to branch out into the creator economy with a new platform. This new platform is designed to help creators maximise their potential. 

The platform is called ‘Google for Creators’ and provides a range of tips, guides, insights, additional guidance and strategy notes. This new platform is perfect for creators looking to turn their online presence into a business ?

The website includes various helpful pointers, including tips from those already in the industry and getting updates on Google’s products. The platform also provides access to a range of information on content strategy, building an audience, monetisation and more. 

It’s an interesting but also not an unexpected step from Google. Would you use this new platform? 

Pinterest Announces Watch Feed ?️

This week Pinterest announced a ‘Watch Feed’ that includes a scrolling, vertical feed filled with only video content, creating another way to showcase different media on its platform. The feed will look similar to TikTok’s.

Pinterest’s own research has previously shown that video views increased more than 3x in 2020. This was likely due to rising usage during lockdowns and with overall social media consumption increasingly moving towards video content. The obvious next step for Pinterest was to follow the trends and that is exactly what they are planning on doing.

Are you happy to see videos content on Pinterest? 

TikTok Launches ‘Made for TikTok’ ✨

TikTok has launched a new content series of videos for brands, agency creatives and marketers filled with tips and insights on how to make successful branded content. This series is called ‘Made for TikTok’ and is described as a ‘workout programme’. 

The series is hosted by David Ma, a former agency creative, having worked as both a copywriter and an art director. Now, Ma is a commercial director and a TikTok creator. 

The series explores topics such as engagement, subcultures, partnerships and more. Although not in-depth, the series provides a basic understanding of how to utilise the app to its best potential and can be viewed on TikTok or YouTube via its business profile. 

Do you think this series will increase quality content on TikTok? 

Instagram Adds New Data Analytics ?

Ever wondered why as a creator you are unable to see sponsored content data analytics? 

Well, wonder no more❗️ 

Instagram has added new data analytics for creators, helping them to get more specific data on who’s engaging with their posts. 

The new metrics being added to Instagram insights are: 

?Accounts Engaged – This will show the total number of accounts that interacted with the content in a given time period 

?Engaged Audience – This data will provide demographic insights into the users that are engaging with the content, whether they follow the profile or not, including top cities, top countries, top age ranges and gender

?Reached Audience – This will provide demographic information about the people reached with the posts in any given time period, including top cities, top countries, top age ranges and gender 

In addition to this, Instagram is creating more transparency between creators and brands. As explained by Instagram: “When a brand promotes a creator’s post with the paid partnership label or creates an ad without a pre-existing post, that creator will now be able to see the performance of that ad including reach, likes, comments, saves and shares. Creators can now find this information by selecting ‘view ads and insights’ within the branded content ads section in settings.”