Using Facebook Ads During The Covid-19 Pandemic

The current COVID-19 pandemic has forced brands to adapt their ways of thinking and mix up how they’re engaging with consumers. 

Social media and online communications have seen great change over the past few weeks – with many platforms incorporating new features and techniques to make it easier for brands to engage with the public. 

One key focus that needs to be re-explored is social media advertising. 

For example, as larger organisations cut back on advertising spend or pull budgets from platforms, it’s cheaper to serve individual ad impressions to your audience. 

And with consumers spending more time online – now presents the perfect opportunity to tap into this trend to maximise your brand’s exposure. 

But how to mix up your Facebook advertising strategy? 

We’ve put together our top tips to help you through these tough times:

  1. Adjust your key messages

Ensure your messages reflect the current climate and are more sensitive to what your audience is experiencing. Re-focus and identify how your products or services can help people overcome the challenges they may be facing now.

  1. Engage

Be sure to take the time to engage with your audience, and reply to all comments on posts to build brand-consumer conversations and relationships. This can be incredibly beneficial to the overall reach of ads without increasing cost. 

  1. Tweak existing ads to reflect current climate 

Assess the content of your ads – is it in line with the amended messages? Be sure your running ads are tweaked to reflect your new tone of voice, which is sensitive and aware of what is happening within your audience.