Update: Facebook Newsfeed Changes – How Your Brand Could Be Affected

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook

Facebook has started rolling out changes to its newsfeed which it aims to generate more “meaningful interactions” for its users.

The network is altering the algorithm that runs the newsfeed so the user will see more content from friends and family, as well as Facebook groups and pages that you are a member of, and less from brands and publishers.

So is this good news or bad news?


Mark Zuckerberg’s mission to ‘fix’ Facebook would definitely have increased the platforms reputation in the eyes of the public. If this further translates to Facebook being a more attractive, trustworthy platform for its users that is used more often, then it certainly good for brands, especially for those who create relevant content and have strong relationship’s with their audience.

A more genuine, engaged audience can lead to organic and paid advertisements becoming more effective, which could potentially result in higher ROI for your brand.

In light of the changes this could increase the appeal for brands to use Instagram, where organic post yield higher engagement rates. This would further mean a boost for influencers and influencer marketing.


It could potentially be bad news for many news organisations; bloggers and businesses whom have grown reliant on Facebook to spread information, articles and videos to their followers without actually paying for an ad.

The changes could jeopardise that route to their audiences, and it in theory could force these companies to buy more ads in order to reach the levels of engagement they once enjoyed before the newsfeed changes.

It is predicted that time users spend on Facebook will decrease as a result of the newsfeed changes. The changes will also see brands have to become more creative and strategic with their content – paying greater attention on media planning and organisation, which is something that we are expert in providing.