Twitter Launches Scheduling Tool On Desktop

Twitter has released its own scheduling tool for desktop users.

The new feature will allow tweets to be scheduled up to two years in advance.

The desktop platform update will also see the popular mobile app feature of saving drafts become available. But despite this advances, drafts will not be synced across desktop and mobile.

These updates come as no surprise for many social media users, who already utilise a number of third party platforms to schedule their content.

We applaud Twitter for trying to update their platform to give a more streamlined experience for content creators, but we question just how popular this tool will be?

And with most of those working within the industry already pledging their loyalty to one of the many scheduling platforms, we doubt that there will be a great demand for this tool.

However, for content creators looking for a quick and easy way to get started with planning and scheduling, this could prove a nice option.

Will you be trying out Twitter’s new scheduling tool?