Twitter Launches Brand New Feature; Twitter Art House

Twitter has made a recent announcement regarding a new creative team that will have the ability to help brands to produce video content. The new feature will be known as the ‘Twitter ArtHouse’.

Twitter also went on to say that advertising ‘creative’ is the number one factor that has the ability to drive the most brand love and business impact.

The platform discovered that when video content was optimized for Twitter, it experience 33% more emotional engagement than videos that were no optimized.

By doubling efforts in the Creator space, there has been a three-time jump in brands visual campaigns on Twiter in the past six months.

The feature, which is very similar to ‘Facebook Automated Ads’ will give marketers a variety of advertising options as well as creative assistance.

two blue cruiser bicycles on graffiti wall

Twitter ArtHouse offering:

  • Digital strategy
  • Video creation and editing
  • Influencer and artist management
  • Event live-streaming

It’s thought that the new feature has been created to draw advertisers in, away from Facebook ads and that the efforts for Twitter-optimized video are part of a broader strategy to cozy up to content creators.

Twitter has also ramped up their efforts to help brands with creator-first strategies.

For example, the Wendy’s video campaign with influencer Demetrius Harmon and the Google Brazil thread boosted by influencers which highlight five LGBTQ+ artists. Twitter reported that branded content creator posts similar to these can also lead to a 41% increase in purchase intent.

But Twitter is not alone. Facebook has also recently unveiled its own strategy around ‘Facebook Creative Day’. This will include Stars, tipping system whereby users will be able to send their creators payments during live streams, intimate subscriber groups, and many other changes. Facebook also gives creators the option for ‘Facebook Live gamification’ and last summer, they designed a Brand Collabs manager with the aim of connecting influencers with marketers who are looking to partner.