Top Countries To Work As A Freelancer


Ever wondered where are the top places to work as a freelancer? 

Well, we have ALL the answers.

In top spot is Finland, ranking number one in the World Happiness report for 2021 followed by Iceland in second and Denmark in third.

Intrigued to find out what other locations made the list? 

Then carry on reading to find out more.

Number 1: Finland

The country awarded in the top spot for the happiest place to live goes to Finland.

It doesn’t surprise us that this country has been awarded number one with its recognition for having the world’s best education system and cleanest air. 

This Nordic utopia is sometimes called the Country of a Thousand Lakes, and it’s got 187,888 of them. With its lush greenery and natural beauty, Finland is a tranquil haven for relaxation. 

With the option to discover untouched lakes and forests, its wilderness truly is breathtaking and a clear winner. 

Number 2: Iceland

Awarded second spot is Iceland.

This beautiful country is famous for being called the “Land of Fire and Ice” because of its volcanoes and glaciers. 

It is also known for its natural wonders such as The Blue Lagoon and Dettifoss Waterfall. 

With its mystic beauty and natural wildlife, the scenery will guarantee to leave you in awe. Not only this, but its snow covered mountains stretched far in the distance, and mountain ranges that enclose every area will leave you speechless.

If you are looking for a lush, mountainous country to help inspire your creativity, then it’s safe to say that Iceland is the place for you.

Number 3: Denmark

Awarded the third happiest country to live is Denmark. 

With its variety of landscapes from its mountainous beauty to tranquil charming old towns, Denmark is not only friendly and stunning but it is also unique, thanks to its array of colourful buildings and boats that stretch far and wide on the canals.

Plus, for those who have a keen interest in cycling, Denmark has been ranked as the most bike-friendly country in the world. 

Number 4: Switzerland

Second before last goes to Switzerland. 

 This beautiful country is known for its offering  of stunning skiing resorts, breathtaking lakes and of course its mouthwatering cheese.

If you are wanting a place to escape, then let’s just say that Switzerland is for you.

And of course, we can’t forget about the Alp mountains. What better way to unwind on your well-deserved days off that skiing down the mountains? 

Alongside the mesmerizing lakes and mountains, those who are keen to get involved in other activity-led sports, such as hiking and cycling, have plenty to pick from! 

Number 5: Netherlands

And finally, number five goes to the Netherlands, famous for its beautiful terraced buildings, windmills and colourful tulips. 

I bet you didn’t know that the Netherlands is also known for being the world’s second-largest exporters of food and beer?

With its plethora of cycle lanes, this is a country perfect for the avid cyclist who enjoys the good things in life and laid back atmosphere.

With its beautiful canals that stretch for miles and the laid back lifestyle with an abundance of independent cafes and restaurants, we guarantee you will fall in love with this country instantly. 

These top five places to live all have something unique to offer, with their relaxed laid back lifestyles, mystical natural and abundant culture, the difficult question is, what country would you choose?

What is your dream country to live in working as a freelancer? Do you live in any of the countries mentioned?

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