Top 5 Ways To Improve Your Charity’s Awareness

It’s more important than ever to use social media as a tool for expanding your charity’s awareness. 

Inspiring audiences online can help to digitally spread the word about your charity’s cause and get more people involved. 

The question is, where do you begin?

In this blog, we outline five ways you can improve your charity’s awareness, carry on reading to find out more about our tips…

Choose The Right Social Media Platforms Suited To Your Charity

Social media platforms are constantly evolving and whilst it may seem overwhelming, less is more.

Putting effort into creating content for platforms that don’t match the goals or audience of your charity can waste time, so it’s best to focus on a few specific audiences and get it right. 

It’s not a one size fits all approach so choose what’s best for YOUR charity. 

Before trying to be active across all platforms, consider these questions in relation to your charity and take it from there: 

  • Who do we want to target? (e.g. Gen Z vs millennials)
  • Which platforms do they mostly use?
  • What is the purpose of using the platforms? (e.g. informational, entertaining, sharing images)

With these answers in mind, it will be clearer on which platforms to utilise. 

Think Outside The Box

Get creative and do what other charities haven’t done before to really stand out from the crowd.

Charities are increasingly beginning to go digital, meaning it can be hard to stand out from the noise. 

Create memes, host a competition, start a unique hashtag… the social media world really is your charity’s oyster. 

Followers want new experiences on social media so coming up with fresh, new ways of making your charity known will be sure to increase awareness. 

Connect With Your Community

You may have followers but do you have their attention?

Incorporating new ways of connecting with your audience through social media and also helping them to connect with each other will help to build your community in a way that inspires them to get involved in discussions. 

Facebook Groups and Instagram polls are great ways to find out more about your community and engage them in conversations. 

Featuring individuals who are involved with your charity shows that you recognise and appreciate the community, and encourages others to engage too. 

Increase Interactions 

Social media has the power to facilitate two-way communication with your audience as new tools have extended traditional dialogue with stakeholders. 

Opinions and needs of your audience will be understood through establishing new ways to communicate and share ideas. 

COVID-19 has led to more people experiencing and becoming comfortable with virtual communication so organising virtual meetups, fundraisers, chatrooms and even going live on Instagram and Facebook can help to establish further engagement with current and new audiences.

Electronic word of mouth (e-wom) is your best friend with increasing awareness, which can be achieved through hosting these virtual interactions. 

Go On A Podcast Today

The podcast world is thriving with more listeners than ever before. This could be a great way to catch the attention of new donors, fundraisers and volunteers. Discussing your fundraising efforts and cause whilst listeners are on their daily commute or walk can make the difference. 

Podcasts can be a useful way of raising awareness to listeners, whether they’re on a lunch break walk or on a train. 

Featuring on a podcast to discuss your charity cause and involving opinion leaders to inspire others should definitely be on your agenda. 

Are you a charity looking to improve your charity’s awareness? Then contact us today. 

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