TikTok Adds New Music Triggered Visual Effects Tools

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Have you heard the latest TikTok news?

TikTok has levelled up its visual tools with its all-new music triggered effects.

These immersive music creative effects are powered by real-time and interactive music processing technologies. This means that visual movements and transitions will be synced to the beat of any song from the platform’s sound library. 

TikTok’s latest additions will create fresh, unique and playful possibilities for storytelling – for both consumers and brands. 

So what are the new effects that you can expect to see coming to your screen soon?

Image credit: https://newsroom.tiktok.com/

Music Visualiser

The first new music triggered visual effect, already released to users globally,  is called the music visualiser. This effect runs “real-time beat tracking” to animate an out-of-this-world, video that will move to the beat of any song on TikTok.

Image credit: https://newsroom.tiktok.com/

Music Machine

This interactive music creative effect offers a real-time audio synthesis feature. This empowers creators to create music from different drumbeats and other sounds as they record video.

Music Machine provides a variety of interactive tools that appear on the screen as creators record. All users have to do is tap the buttons and adjust the slider on the screen.

According to TikTok, users will be able to:

  • Control the real-time rendering of MIDI loops for different music layers. 
  • Music Machine also features a BPM slider that allows for real-time BPM adjustment while preserving timbre and pitch. 
  • There are five, one-shot sound effects and dynamic visual responses that synchronize the visuals of your video with the music you create.

Delayed Beats

This feature synchronises a series of still images to the beat of any song from TikTok’s sounds library. 

As TikTok states, this addition “recreates a freeze-frame effect that’s already popular on TikTok while aligning transitions to the beat of added music”.

Text Beats

If you are wanting to add animated text to videos then Text Beats could be the effect for you.

This tool allows content creators to add animated text overlays to videos that transition with the beat of any song selected from TikTok’s sounds library. 

The text is fully editable and will move to the beat of your choice of songs.

Solid Beats

Think funky, colourful, visual effects and you have Solid Beats, TikTok’s all-new music triggered effect which synchronises movements to the beat of any song.

With beat tracking, visuals move and transition uniquely to added music.

Mirror Beats

This effect aligns display transitions with the beat of any song selected from TikTok’s sounds library. This allows users to create videos with transitions that match up with the rhythm of any song.

TikTok really has levelled up its visual tools with these new effects and we can’t wait to see what creators think of them.

The seamless blend of music and video will enable TikTokers to use their creativity to their full advantage and create outstanding, futuristic videos that inspire.

Are you excited about these new effects? Which one is your favourite? 

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