The Top 2020 Twitter Trends Are Revealed

The Top 2020 Twitter Trends Are Revealed

The pandemic has indefinitely affected the way we live, think and how we may approach life moving forward. 

Given this, it’s also key to note the way in which the pandemic has impacted our social media usage and the ways in which we use the platforms and the conversational shifts among consumers at the moment. 

Twitter has provided some interesting insights into the areas of focus among its users as a result of COVID-19. 

As a digital marketer, it’s extremely important to be aware of what has been trending during this unprecedented time – especially in ensuring that your marketing communications support these shifts. 

Here’s a look at some of the key trends Twitter has identified in its report: 

1. Increased Tweets about parenting

According to Twitter Internal Data* there has been a 42% increase in tweets about parenting.

From the sheer amount of time parents are now spending with their kids indoors, this has resulted in them seeking advice and having conversations with other parents online who are in the same situation. 

There is no surprise that this topic has had such an increase on Twitter.

From the days of lockdown when kids weren’t going to school, family dynamics changed massively. It is safe to say that parenting has changed in 2020. 

Users were searching and discussing how to engage their kids in new projects, topics and ideas. 

2. The importance of mental health

The pandemic had massively helped to highlight the importance of people’s mental health and it is now a conversation more consumers are openly discussing. 

According to Twitter Insiders* people agreed that their mental health has increased in importance by 54%. 

This is a dramatic increase and shows that more people are recognising the significance of looking after their mental health. 

3. People taking part in what a brand is supporting

According to Twitter Insiders* 72% of people surveyed on Twitter feel they are making a difference when they take part in what a brand is supporting.

From the statistics, the act of helping brands proves to provide enjoyment and satisfaction. As already well-documented, the next generation of consumers are increasingly supportive of social causes and brands which link to them. 

This has been further highlighted by the pandemic – and as the stats show, consumers want to feel like they’re contributing and helping where they can. 

4.  Trying new things

As we all know, the pandemic presented people with the time and chance to take up a new hobby – from baking to reading, playing a musical instrument to even learning a new language.

Supporting this fact, Twitter Internal Data* stated that there was a 24% increase in tweets about trying new things.

More people are now willing to step out of their comfort zone which is great news.

Has your brand noted any of the trends highlighted?