The Importance Of Social Media For Charities

Are you a charity not using social media? 

Then stop right there.

In this blog, we explain the importance of using social media as a charity and how it has the potential to change millions of peoples lives for the better.

Connect With Your Audience On A More Personal, Deeper Level

Social media has the power to help connect with your supporters on a deeper level.

It provides you with the chance to truly pinpoint who your community consists of. It also helps you to discover what they want to see and how you can come together to make a change.

From creating communities through Facebook groups, or hosting webinars, your audience can keep on getting to know the faces behind the charity.

Now more than ever, people are looking to connect with charity’s, learning more about the founders, their journey and their plans for the future.

By using new tools such as Facebook Live and audio rooms you can let your audience ask the questions and drive the discussions.

Shows How Far You Have Come And What You Continue To Strive To Achieve

Do you have a fundraising event coming up that you want to shout out about?

Have you just reached a significant milestone?

Then use social media to shout about it, get your supporters excited, celebrate what you have achieved so far together and what you continue to strive towards.

Why not create social posts in a carousel-style to provide daily updates on the milestones you have reached or events you have planned.

Make People Feel Like They Are Not Alone

Sometimes, the world can be a lonely place but social media is a place for people to come together and support each other. 

As a charity, you have the opportunity to be that support network and provide a sense of community. 

Social media is for anyone and everyone, therefore, you have the chance to inspire thousands. In just a few clicks, you can reach your supporters instantly.

Reply to people’s comments, engage in conversations and celebrate what other people have done to raise awareness for your charity. 

Are you a charity looking to have a social media presence? Then contact us today. 

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