The History of Social Republic: How We Created An Alternative to Traditional Agencies

CEO, Rob Illidge, notes on how he started Social Republic and the gap in the market he saw for a unique agency.

Social Republic was founded in 2015 as a ‘new way’, an alternative to traditional agencies.

My aim has always been to build an agency that has its finger on the social media pulse whilst offering transparency and flexibility during campaigns.

Having identified an opportunity to build a unique agency, I built a network of over 400 global social media experts; bringing experience and value to social media strategies.

Operating as a unique agency and filling that gap in the market has allowed us to bring together the right people to create the perfect storm.

I have always wanted to work with clients who all have a key quality in common: ambition.

Our ethos is to work with ambitious famous brands and brands with ambition to become famous.

I believe that what sets us apart from the competition is that, as a social-first agency, we are constantly trusted by prominent brands, supported by a team that is innovative, driven, and relentlessly creative.

We behave differently, representing a new and better way to approach campaigns. Committed to solid branding, thoughtful social media strategies and wild ideas that get results.

The COVID-19 pandemic has put most companies out of the office while teams work remotely.

I truly believe that a company is only as strong as the team that fuels it. You have to know the team to find the best way to support them and instill confidence.

With a confident team, you can then provide the best service to your customers. 

You can find how our customers respond to us on external review sites like The Manifest, a company listings website, that showcases a number of our projects.

We continue to receive 5-star reviews about how brands have successfully worked with our agency. 

“Social Republic went over and beyond for us.” – Buying Manager, The Avocado Company

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