The 9 Best Cities To Live In When Freelancing

As a freelancer you set your own work, hours and even pay.

However liberating it may be, freelancing also means that work is not guaranteed and can be tough when on-going cash is needed to pay bills.

Dutch online platform for freelance jobs – – has released its latest report highlighting the best cities to work in the world as a freelancer.

The survey looked at 23 factors including cost of living, internet speeds, taxation and overall cost of life, across 117 cities in total.

Here are the top nine rankings:

  1. Lisbon, Portugal – it offers the cheapest and fastest internet services in Europe and workers can enjoy being close to the beach for after-work downtime.
  2. Miami, US – said to be one of the best coastal cities for quality of life, it also offers great internet speeds.
  3. Seville, Spain – good weather, combined with low cost of living helps are the main draws for this city. People can simply get by for longer on less.
  4. Las Palmas, Gran Canaria – fab weather coupled with great beaches and beautiful nature helps increase the rankings of this city.
  5. New Orleans, US – this city has one of the highest rankings for quality of life and is said to offer fantastic nightlife for locals.
  6. Bristol, England – a cheaper alternative to London, the west side of the city is easy to get to and from the big smoke, safer and offers a lot of places to work.
  7. Marseille, France – this small city provides all the amenities for a thriving social life and offers a great number of places to work from.
  8. Bratislava, Slovakia – a prime location for those who do not have a guaranteed income, the city has one of the lowest tax rates out of those surveyed and has a very low cost of living.
  9. Vancouver, Canada – offering a high quality of living, this city is a prime location for freelancers.