We’ve Launched A New Website With The Support Of Our Freelance Community

Person on laptop

We’re delighted to reveal our new look website and it’s all thanks to our freelance community.

We operate via a network of more than 400 expert freelancers, based all over the world. 

This way we can ensure that our teams brings experience, flexibility and value to all social media strategies and campaigns.

The updated site presents a strong visual identity for our agency while offering a more clear and concise layout. 

Our website work has been carried out by two of our close freelance partners: Bobajob.com, assisting with website development and The Manc Copywriter, delivering website copy. 

The new and improved site also provides visitors with immediate access to finger on the pulse industry data and trends.

It hosts an extensive case study tab, where users can see in great detail, the level of service and expertise our agency brings to our industry-leading campaigns. 

Rob Illidge, our ceo said: “We have a completely new look and feel to our website with the aim of providing an all-in-one social media hub for a plethora of visitors.

“Our refreshed content covers all things social media, from best practice campaign advice, to reviewing the latest platform tools and even providing expert insights into industry topics. 

“We’re delighted with our new website and the work carried out via our expert freelancers, offering a more on-trend feel and concise journey. 

“The feedback we have received has been excellent and hope that future visitors will find relevant, useful and easy to use.”