Social Republic Takes on Tough Mudder, Or At Least Tried To 

Taking on the elements, last weekend Social Republic took part in the renowned Tough Mudder challenge together.

The day saw copious amounts of mud, broken spirits, and soaking clothes, with many laughs along the way.

Tough Mudder surpasses being a mere obstacle course by being rooted in teamwork and surmounting challenges. It provides an opportunity to detach from the daily monotony, encounter the unexpected, and achieve goals that extend beyond personal limits.

Here’s how the team got on and conquered the course. Sort of.

Tough Mudder Ticked Off The Bucket List

“Taking on the Tough Mudder challenge has always been on the company bucket list. The clue is in the title, and it certainly wasn’t a walk in the park.” Says Rob, CEO,  who *accidentally* booked the gruelling 10k course over 5k. 

By taking part in Tough Mudder, Brave individuals can immerse themselves in a unique environment, surrounded by nature and like-minded individuals, allowing them to focus on the present moment and embrace the adventure. 

This appealed to the Social Republic team. It seemed like a great way to break away from the screen and have fun.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work 

“We had one rule and that was to stick together. Nobody was left behind.”

Tackling the 22 obstacles over 3 hours, the team worked together in a bonding experience like no other. Hauling each other up obstacles, piggybacks and providing that much-needed encouragement, team Social Republic, came together to complete the course with smiles on their faces.

With a few unforeseen obstacles in the way including lightning warnings back to back with downpours (that’s Manchester for you) spirits remained high.

The team left somewhat battered, but proud of their achievements and desperate for a celebratory drink.

A Social To Remember

“We all fell over at one point, usually halfway up an obstacle. We conquered multiple fears.”

As for the next company event, Rob says it will involve zero challenges, and certainly no mud. That is something we can get behind.
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