Social Media Unwrapped: Hismile 

Hismile was founded in 2014 by Alex Tomic and Nikola Mirkovic. 

The first product that they launched was the Teeth Whitening Kit which enables individuals to brighten their teeth conveniently in the comfort of their own homes.

The kit has achieved remarkable success, with users receiving numerous compliments on their pearly whites.

Hismile: A Sparkling Story

Hismile products stand out due to their distinctive feature of ingredients. All of Hismile’s products are completely vegan and free from any form of animal cruelty. Furthermore, Hismile products come with a guarantee of zero sensitivity or discomfort after use. 

Two of the products that the company is proud of and which are in the best selling category are V34 Colour Corrector Serum and PAP+ Whitening Powder™. 

Bringing Confidence Back

One of the company’s aspirations is to give confidence in people’s smiles by promoting healthy, white teeth.

Hismile collaborates with dentists to ensure the superior quality of their products, aiming to enhance the appearance and overall satisfaction of their clients’ teeth.

 The products contain good ingredients without compromising the health of your teeth, leaving your smile brighter and healthier.

The Strategy Unwrapped 

The social media channels utilised by Hismile include:

People spend increasingly more time on social media. We all know that. The company uses this opportunity to listen to people’s feedback and to make improvements based on the client’s needs. Mirkovic said that through social media they achieved success by actively listening to their client’s voice whether it was positive or negative. Feedback is a valuable insight for continuous improvement. 

When the company was initially established, the owners lacked social media marketing strategies. Instead, their approach involved posting a considerable amount of content showcasing their products, with the aim of encouraging people to make purchases. The company showcases high-quality and professional photography and video content on social media, capturing the attention of readers and enhancing online visibility. 

The social media profile stands out with its visually captivating design and aesthetic. Each post is thoughtfully crafted, presenting a mix of informative content, captivating visuals, and interactive elements that encourage audience engagement. The captions are informative and entertaining, reflecting the brand’s tone of voice which focuses on positivity and friendliness  building a connection with the followers. The profile serves as a platform for storytelling, highlighting the brand’s unique features and achievements.

Unlocking The Power of Influencers 

Besides the fact that they promote their products on social media, Hismile collaborates with influencers as well as celebrity influencers such as  Kim Kardashian,Kylie  Jenner and Conor McGregor who share their opinion about how to use the Hi Smile products and the results that they have.

Mirkovic mentioned that by incorporating influencers from various regions to share their personal experiences with Hismile, it is a marketing strategy that allows them to establish brand transparency and trust among their customers.

Overall, Hismile is a company that has accomplished remarkable success by embracing ambition and a strong drive to create high-quality products that entice people to give them a try. 

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