Should I Start Freelancing In Digital Marketing?

As a marketer, there are a number of different career pathways you can take. Personal interests can become your expertise, guiding you towards certain industries and working environments. 

Nevertheless, it’s not uncommon to find yourself questioning your current role and asking yourself, what happens now? Perhaps you’re tired of the 9-5, and want more freedom to travel. Or maybe you’re craving flexible hours that allow you to spend more time with your family and friends. 

According to a recent report by Upwork, 47% of hiring managers are more likely to hire independent professionals since the COVID-19 crisis than they were previously. Freelancing is a growing community,  which has witnessed a 25% increase since 2009. 

Freelancing in digital marketing can support the development of your digital skills and provide an excellent opportunity to grow professionally. Furthermore, freelancing brings flexibility and the ability to work on your own terms.

If you’re interested in taking your first steps into freelancing, this blog will provide some food for thought. 

Considerations Prior to Freelancing

Are You Organised and Timely?

As a freelancer you will have multiple clients, consequently, you must exhibit excellent time management skills, ensuring a variety of tasks fit into your daily schedule. 

A large proportion of your workload will be time-sensitive, hence you must understand your priorities and stay organised. 

Importantly, you must take time to yourself, rest and recuperation are essential for success. 

Can You Multitask?

You will be working on multiple projects from a number of different clients, it’s important you remain calm and collected.

Multitasking allows you to establish an efficient working environment, in which productivity rules over procrastination. 

Are You Reliable? 

 Reliability is a highly thought of trait. Commitment and dedication will deliver the results your clients seek, positively impacting your reputation and credibility as a freelancer. 

Clients put their business into your hands, delivering on your promised workload is crucial.

Do You Know Your Worth?

As a freelancer, you must decide on your hourly rate. If you’re just starting out, you may want to charge less. Your reputation and experience are key factors in determining your rate.

Hubspot suggests using this basic formula to calculate your hourly rate: Annual income/ Hours worked in the year.

Therefore if you wanted your yearly salary to be £25,000, working 25 hours per week that would be 1,300 hours a year. 

25,000/1300 = £19.20 per hour

Are you considering freelance work?

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