Pinterest Jumps On The Story Bandwagon & Why Stories Are A Great Marketing Tool

Pinterest Jumps On The Story Bandwagon & Why Stories Are A Great Marketing Tool

Stories are now – more than ever – a great tool for engaging with your target audience. 

Not only that, but stories are Instagram’s key to solving the algorithm problem many content creators face.

Facebook and Instagram are both popular platforms which thrive off utilising stories. Now, Pinterest has joined the scene but this time, with a twist…

In this article we explain all about Pinterest’s new Story Pins, why stories are such a key marketing tool for brands and how they may be the answer to the Instagram algorithm.

  1. Pinterest To Launch Story Pins

According to the Pinterest creators themselves, Story Pins enables users to share “visual stories with videos, voiceover and image and text overlay”.

Pinterest has spent valuable time curating a new way of posting stories, with the focus of making pins more engaging and creative. 

This might be just what Pinterest is missing. Consumers may be more convinced to go through with the purchase from seeing an interactive visual rather than a still image. 

A reason as to why Story Pins are different from the stories we know, is that they are stored within a pin. This means they won’t disappear.

This could transform the way Pinterest works in the fusible future, making pins on a board more visually pleasing and interactive.

2. Why Are Stories So Good?

You might ask, why are stories the next big thing?

Stories are a way to connect with audiences, build a community network and interact with consumers on a more personal level.

With stories, big brands behind the screen can be associated with a real person and team that run the business. 

Not only that, but stories can be a great method for gaining feedback from customers. For example, what type of posts do you like to see? Do you prefer long captions or short concise captions?

This enables the consumer to have their say and determine what they want to see.

Stories can also remind people of events as well as launches of new products with the countdown feature. 

3. The Answer To The Instagram Algorithm

As we have mentioned in previous articles, interaction and regular engagement with posts will ensure your consumers keep seeing your posts.

That’s why stories are a great tool for keeping interaction prominent and ensuring your audience is still in the loop with your brand.

If you want to offer a more relaxed real-life feel to your brand, stories are a great way for doing that. They can be used to show behind the scenes, Q&A’s and reveal products in everyday settings.

This is a key factor as to why Pinterest has decided to introduce their version of stories. 

Are you excited for Pinterest to launch their Story Pins?