Pinterest Announces ‘Pinterest TV’ – Weekly Social Media Round Up

Pinterest Announces ‘Pinterest TV’ ?️

Pinterest has announced ‘Pinterest TV’, a series of shopping-focused live streams, beginning on November 8th. This will give Pinners the opportunity to find exclusive deals in the app through these live-streamed broadcasts. 

The live streams will bring a new level of immediate interaction and shopping activity directly to the app – just in time for Christmas!

Facebook Previews Next Steps After Meta  ?

Facebook’s recent Connect conference showed off new tools which are changing the Facebook model fundamentally. This includes tools such as AR, advanced VR and long-term hardware projects. 

The new model will have new platforms such as Horizon Home, a place to spend time with friends, send messages and play games via VR.

Facebook will also take advantage of the move to more home working with VR. Another new platform is being released called ‘Quest for Business’. This will create a space for workers to feel as though they are in the same physical space as colleagues, all whilst being at home. 

Instagram Launches ‘Add Yours’ Sticker ?

Instagram has added a new ‘Add Yours’ sticker for Stories, aiming to increase user engagement by encouraging others to respond to their Stories. The new feature is similar to TikTok’s duet feature. 

When users respond, they’re added to the profile bubble listing on the sticker, which, when tapped, enables users to go through all the other responses to the thread, building a response chain within Stories that can help prompt more engagement.

Twitter Opens Up Super Follows ?

Twitter has opened up its new ‘Super Follow’ option to all users on iOS, which will provide more monetisation potential for creators, expanding the capacity for them to make a direct income from their followers. 

Creators with more than 10k followers can set up a monthly subscription fee which will be up to $9.99 a month. This will help monetise exclusive content for their super followers.  

Once set up, creators are provided with a new ‘Super Followers’ audience selection option for their tweets, which limits the reach of their content to their super followers only. 

This creates another way to build a paying audience with your tweet content, which is part of Twitter’s broader push to provide more incentive for creators to keep tweeting more often, boosting engagement and interaction in the app.

TikTok Launches ‘Small Wins’ ✨ 

TikTok has launched a new initiative ‘Small Wins’, dedicated to helping small businesses build an effective TikTok presence. 

So far, 21 videos are in the series, with each aiming to guide viewers towards building their own TikTok campaigns, and signing on for additional business features. Advertisers are spending more money on TikTok, as it becomes more and more popular. The platform is now up to a billion active users, and has quickly become a socially influential platform and a main facilitator of recent trends.