Partnering With The British Heart Foundation

Social Republic is proud to support the British Heart Foundation. The goal is to raise £10,000 over the next 12 months. 

There is a clear synergy, with Social Republic’s commitment to non-profit organisations. 

Read on to find out more about this partnership.

Choosing British Heart Foundation

“I’d say the reason for choosing them is we have seen the hard work and commitment of the charity through our client relationship with Rosterfy, with members of the team having been affected by heart failure. 

We think it’s an important cause to support and we’re looking forward to fundraising throughout the year” – Rob

For us, collaborating with non-profits goes beyond the content. It is about making a meaningful impact and contributing to a better future. 

Our goal is to bring positive change to social media feeds by filling them with hope and inspiration.

Connected Through Clients

Firstly, Social Republic has been looking for a charity to support for some time, searching for a charity close to the hearts of employees. 

They were perfect choice, seeing another angle through our work with Rosterfy, their Volunteer Management Software. 

Speaking with volunteer managers through our work with Rosterfy, it became clear that the British Heart Foundation holds values that align to our own, and the team were inspired by their work. 

British Heart Foundation Bringing Value to The Team 

As part of the partnership, British Heart Foundation provides invaluable support and training to employees, with benefits ranging from CPR training to opportunities to tour their laboratories at University of Manchester. 

Furthermore, they highly prioritise mental wellbeing, offering digital wellbeing assessments to staff, and health and wellbeing tips.

There is also a push on team-bonding opportunities, with contacts creating bespoke calendars filled with fundraising ideas and events for the team to get involved in.

Social Republic have already completed the Tough Mudder, with lots of more fundraising opportunities in the pipeline. 

Find out about how the first fundraising event went here!