6 Top Tips To Nail Marketing On TikTok

TikTok has become a top social media platform for users of all ages, making it a powerful tool for marketers and businesses. As a platform that encourages content creation, it would be a missed opportunity for brands to leave TikTok out of their marketing strategy. Want to get started but don’t know how? You have come to the right place for all the top tips on how you can create fun and engaging content to gain exposure and connect with your audience! Read on to learn all the best strategies and TikTok tips to engage with your audience on TikTok. 

Tip #1: Keep Up-To-Date With The Trends 

Hopping on trends and creating trendy content using hashtags is another one of our TikTok tips. Trending sounds and memes while relating them to a product or service can be appealing to your audience. It is important to recognise new trends to keep up with the quick-paced platform as trendy topics are algorithmically likely to get more views and engagement. Users on this app will also seek to browse through content under trending hashtags, which allows for your content to reach a new audience. Using trendy hashtags will also give you a higher chance of getting onto viewers’ ‘For You Page’.

Tip #2: Know Your Audience 

With 60% of users between the ages of 16-24, TikTok users are much younger than many other social media platforms. Gen Zs were born between 1997 and 2012 and is the largest generation in history, which makes it important for businesses to target and sell to this generation as the oldest members are currently in their early 20s, an ideal demographic for many businesses. Also called the iGeneration, Gen Z’s are trendsetters, they understand the internet and have created a culture of their own, and to attract them, you must speak their language. How do you learn their lingo? Keep up-to-date with the trends and actively browse on TikTok! 

Tip #3: Balance Between Advertisement And Entertainment 

TikTok is an app primarily for users to post entertaining content, which means simply posting too much advertisement based content is not going to attract and engage your audience. It is important for a brand to have a personality on TikTok and to be able to be entertaining and engaging to bring in an audience to engage with your videos before viewers skip out of the typical promotional content. Promotional content can also come in many forms, marketers should be creative and come up with indirect ways to promote your product, for instance, tutorials or reviews. Create an engaged and connected community with potential buyers by balancing your entertainment and advertisement content. 

Tip #4: Use Humour

The TikTok culture is far different from any of the other social media platforms, users are looking to be entertained on the app. Relatable, funny and bold content is loved on the app, and humour is one of the most influential strategies for TikTok, especially if viewers respond and engage with the video. Especially with a video concept that is relatable and humorous, viewers will like, comment or share the video, helping it reach more viewers and gain exposure. Gen Z users tend to enjoy ‘real’, down-to-earth humour than carefully structured traditional content. 

Tip #5: Post Authentic Content Regularly

Posting original content regularly will drive engagement, visibility and awareness to your business TikTok as viewers familiarise themselves with your brand profile. Through trial and error, you can see what types of ideas and content work and what don’t. Try creating original content that is real and relatable, as viewers like to get insights into businesses and perhaps will find themselves resonating with your brand. Be real with your audience to showcase your brand and build on these relationships with potential customers, and by trying and posting different content regularly, the TikTok algorithm will be in your favour with the video showing up on more For You Pages. 

Tip #6: Engage With Your Audience 

To be fully engaged on TikTok, simply posting videos is not enough. It is also important to be engaging with the audience in the comment section and other features of the app, for example, duet or stitch. If you make an effort to connect with others on a more personal and direct level (AKA good customer service), you’ll have an easier time establishing a loyal customer base. Here are a few techniques to try: 

  • Follow relevant creators, celebrities and users 
  • Leave funny comments on content with relevance to your brand or products. Use their lingo, make references to trendy TikToks! 
  • Encourage others to stitch your videos, engage or react with them. 
  • Create a challenge, dance or trend to get users to start posting related content. 

How will you be using these TikTok tips in the future to market your brand and products successfully? Let us know in the comments on our post on Instagram or Facebook.