New Photosensitivity Warning on TikTok Videos

TikTok has been working hard to ensure its platform is safe for its users and doesn’t put anyone at harm with a new photosensitivity update.

The team at TikTok has met with epilepsy advocates who shared important feedback about how they can improve the platform and make it safer.

A few months ago, TikTok released a new feature that warns creators when they produce videos with effects that could trigger photosensitive epilepsy.

That’s why they are set to release this new warning feature to protect its users.

When Does It Appear?

The photosensitive warning will appear before a video that could be triggering, for example if it has flashes of light.

The user will then be able to select watch video or skip all, as shown below.

Once the user selects skip all, all future videos which contain photosensitive content will be disregarded and not shown to the account.

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Changing Your Settings

There is also the option to turn these settings on or off in the app. 

This means that before using the platform, users can adjust settings. 

They will be able to remove all photosensitive videos from appearing on their feed by heading to Settings and privacy then Accessibility as shown below.

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The Future For TikTok

This is only the beginning for TikTok. 

It shows how the app is making sure it’s suitable for every user, depending on their needs and requirements. It also makes the app more friendly for all. 

This could be a turning point for many other platforms and they may recognise this is an important issue that needs to be taken seriously.

Are there any other updates you think TikTok should implement to make its platform more user friendly?