New LinkedIn Feature to Help Freelancers and SMBS Promote their services

Rolling out in the U.S. this week, LinkedIn has developed an exciting new feature that will enable freelancers and SMB’s to grow by listing all of their services directly on their LinkedIn profile.

The new feature can be used to add a section to the user’s profile as shown in the image below.

To make the update to your profile page:

  • Visit your profile page from your mobile app or desktop, and if this feature is turned on for you, you’ll see a box under your profile photo/headline that talks about how to showcase the services you provide. 
  • Click “Add Services,” and then fill out the form to provide details about the services you provide. Be as detailed as possible so members who view this section have a good sense of what you provide. 
  • Click “continue” and this will automatically be added to your profile.
LinkedIn services listings on profiles

LinkedIn’s new tool allows members who are looking for services to filter their searches for the service supplier. Therefore, relevant profiles will be displayed due to the services added to the profile. For example, in the image above the search has been narrowed to those offering ‘accounting services’.

With the number of freelancers rising and small businesses making up 99.9% of all businesses in the uk. The feature is exceptionally useful as users can use the platform to connect with potential business opportunities.

Currently, the new feature is only being launched to small business leaders and freelancers in the U.S. with a Premium Business LinkedIn subscription. Any SMB who currently do not have access can request to be placed on a waiting list for the feature. However, it will be available for all SMB owners in the autumn.