New Facebook Update: Specialist Website To Help Businesses

New Facebook Update: Specialist Website To Help Businesses

Are you a business looking for tools and resources to help with your social impact?

The wait is almost up. 

Facebook is about to have your needs covered with its all new Social Good website.

Want to know what its new offering provides?

In the following blog we explore the key pointers of the site: 

  1. The Purpose

According to Facebook, the new website was designed with the goal of providing businesses with the power to build a community and bring the world closer together.

With the mission to create ‘meaningful change’, this new website couldn’t come soon enough.

Consumers are beginning to be more savvy in what businesses they liaise with depending on its values, causes and practices.

  1. For Greater Good

A business that goes out of its way to ensure it is prioritising the greater good for the climate, communities and the world itself will stand in good stead.

And those companies who want to make a change and advance social good will be provided with the knowledge on exactly how to do that through this new website.

The more businesses which go out of its way to share its values, will in-turn create a knock on effect and other businesses will do the same.

Bringing people together with the power of social media will create endless possibilities for the greater good.

  1. Its Offering

So, you may be wondering what will this new website have to offer?

According to Facebook, the new website will incorporate insights and inspiration to programs and resources.

The website will be a place for people to learn how their business can make an impact.

Some ways this can be done are as follows:

  • Build a community for a cause: Leverage native platform tools in order to have a positive impact at scale.
  • Amplify brand and impact: Learn how to build brand awareness, sell products with a purpose and start a conversation that drives action.
  • Show up where and when it matters: Connect more deeply with communities and customers by identifying relevant moments like Giving Tuesday, Ramadan or Pride Month to amplify causes that are important to business.
  1. The Future Impact

This website will alter the way businesses act and what they focus on and promote via social media platforms.

By shaping the way a company portrays its values and how it can utilise its social media presence, will make a considerable difference to the world we live in.

According to Facebook, this focus is good for the economy, relationships with customers, the community and overall for businesses. 

Facebook states*, “28% of shoppers surveyed across 12 key markets encouraged others to buy a product after learning about a business’ values, causes or practices, on average”

Will you be using this new website?