New Audio Options On Instagram Live

Instagram has increased its audio game and is rolling out two new features for IG Live.

So what will these new features include and look like? 

Keep reading to find out…

With the increasing popularity of new audio features being added to platforms after Clubhouse’s boom, Instagram Live has made some tweaks to their existing feature.

The main updates that users will be able to do during an Instagram live is:

  • Mute your audio during a live stream.
  • Switch off your video during the live broadcast.
  • When the camera is switched off, that participants’ screen will revert to their profile image.
  • Add stickers, effects and flip their camera whilst going live.
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Instagram comments:

“We want to build on our Live product and offer even more ways for our creator community to drive serendipitous, engaging conversation with each other and their audience. By giving people the option to mute their audio or turn off their video, hosts will have the added flexibility for their live-stream experience, as the added functionality could help decrease pressure to look or sound a certain way while broadcasting live.”

What do you think about these new features? 

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