New Addition To TikTok: ‘Business Creative Hub’

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Are you a brand looking to expand your TikTok presence? 

Then the platform’s new Business Creative Hub will definitely be of interest to you.

So, how will this help content creators of TikTok? And what is this new tool?

The Business Creative Hub is an in-app resource, which is free for all TikTok business account users to use. This feature offers two useful resources: the Business Content Guide, and Video Showcase which consists of trending topics.

The Hub is a place that offers guidance on content creation – outlining the latest trending content so that brands can jump onto topical subjects instantly. This will also provide inspiration for companies wanting to learn how to create TikTok content which simply demands engagement.

Wondering how your brand can get access to this new feature on the app? 

It’s simple, once you have activated your Business Account, you can find the Business reactive Hub under the ‘Business suite’ section of the ‘Settings and privacy’ menu.

What will the Business Creative Hub offer?

The business Content Guide includes:

  • Inspirational content ideas. For example, tips on content strategy, storyline ideation and video shooting.
  • Practical tips for getting the most out of your business account. This includes the best times to post and setting up your profile.
  • Showcasing success stories. This features best practice examples from brands with successful business accounts. 

The second part of this Creative Hub, as highlighted above, is the Video Showcase tool which features three curated feeds of trending content, popular in your country over the past 30 days.

The three feeds include:

  1. Trending: Business – this section shares content from other business accounts in the same country, ranked by the total number of likes they’ve received.
  2. Engaging: Business – this part reveals a similar selection of popular business account content, but ranked by the level of engagement, measured by the ratio of comments to video views.
  3.  Trending: Community – this feed shows videos from all account types, ranked by the total number of likes received.

These new additions to TikTok will not only inspire creators but provide businesses with the tools and tips they need to reach a wider audience and gain higher engagement with their videos.

Well done TikTok for creating this helpful new feature for businesses. 

Will you be using the Business Creative Hub? 

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