Monthly Favourites: October’s Offerings

As the days grow short and the air gets crisp, October brings a season of change. Leaves fall, pumpkins are carved, and Halloween casts its delightful spell across the city of Manchester. This month, we’re diving into our favourite outstanding offerings and events that shaped our October at Social Republic, making it a month of both tricks and treats.

From a monstrous Manchester takeover to a hair care brand’s clever marketing twist, there’s something for everyone in our October monthly favourites. Read on to find out more.

1. Standout Event, Halloween in the City: Manchester’s Favourite Spectacular Spookfest

If you were in Manchester during the Halloween weekend, you couldn’t escape the eerie excitement that filled the city’s streets. Halloween in the City, now in its eighth year, brought a ghoulishly delightful programme of events and activities to Manchester city centre.

The streets of Manchester were overrun by friendly yet fearsome monsters. Both young and old were encouraged to wear their spookiest attire and join the beastly revelry.

A favourite of this year’s Halloween in the City was the triumphant return of the iconic MCR Monsters – an invasion of vibrant inflatable creatures that dominated city rooftops. The spooky sight was a testament to the city’s commitment to celebrating the halloween season in style.

But the monster madness didn’t stop there. On the 28th and 29th of October, Halloween in the City delivered a monstrous music festival that reverberated through the heart of Manchester. The festivities featured a fancy dress challenge and a monster procession, all organised by the Manchester City Centre Business Improvement District, representing the city’s vibrant retailers, restaurants, and businesses.

2. Our Very Own Manchester Treasure, Band on the Wall: A Favourite Musical Gem of the North

Manchester has long been celebrated as a city steeped in musical history. Home to legendary, favourite bands like Oasis, The Stone Roses, and The Smiths, it’s no wonder that its music venues have earned a world-famous reputation. One such venue is the beloved Band on the Wall.

The venue’s name dates back to its early years. The landlord ingeniously set up a raised stage on the back wall for bands to perform on and the rest was history.

This intimate and unforgettable setting has hosted some of the biggest names in music and is a treasured gem in the heart of Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

For music enthusiasts, a visit to Band on the Wall is a pilgrimage to a place where the magic of live music comes alive. It’s a testament to Manchester’s enduring commitment to nurturing and celebrating its vibrant music scene.

3. Viral Moment,Tinder and Jonathan Bennett Join Forces to Combat Toxicity

In an exciting marketing move, Tinder, the dating app enlisted the help of favourite ‘Mean Girls’ actor Jonathan Bennett. The campaign was to raise awareness about toxic behaviour and online financial scams. This bold campaign coincided with World Romance Scam Prevention Day on October 3rd, a day that carries a nostalgic ‘Mean Girls’ reference.

The 60-second campaign hilariously calls out various types of people to avoid on dating apps. This includes love bombers, money seekers, and posturers. Tinder’s move to align with ‘Mean Girls’ is a strategic effort to resonate with millennial and Gen Z consumers who are fans of the iconic movie.

Dating apps continuously tap into popular culture to promote their features. Tinder’s creative approach to combat toxicity stands out. It not only educates users about online scams but also infuses a touch of humour into the often daunting world of online dating.

4. Brand Refresh, Oladupé Takes TikTok by Storm

Consumers seek more affordable versions of premium products now more than ever. The rise of TikTok has given birth to a surge in popularity around “dupes” – duplicates offering a budget-friendly alternative to the original. For Olaplex, a renowned hair care brand, this meant embracing the challenge head-on by launching a fictitious product called Oladupé.

Olaplex onboarded over 100 earned and paid influencers for this campaign. Olaplex introduced Oladupé as a clever tease, featuring a repackaged bottle of their Olaplex No. 3. This marketing tactic highlighted the frequent duplications of Olaplex on TikTok and educated users about the brand’s product quality. The hashtag #Oladupe quickly gained over 5.5 million views, captivating TikTok users.

A few days later, Olaplex unveiled the truth behind the faux product. Through this Olaplex reinforced that no one can replicate their brand’s patents, ingredients, or bond-building technology. The Oladupé campaign was a resounding success. It received 20.1 million impressions and 24 million views of the hashtag #Oladupe by October 4th. It was a strategic triumph for Olaplex, spreading its message across the U.S., the U.K., Canada, Australia, and France. Read more about the Oladupe No.160 campaign here.

5. Social Media Update, Snapchat’s Innovative Approach to Influencer Marketing

Snapchat, the beloved multimedia messaging app, has introduced a new suite of ad solutions known as Creator Collab Campaigns. This suite is designed to simplify the collaboration between brands and the platform’s creator community. One of the suite’s key features is the Creator Discovery API, which streamlines the process of identifying available creators.

Brands can now seamlessly integrate branded content within creator-driven stories, enhancing the advertising potential of the platform. Additionally, a new Paid Partnership Tag makes it easier for content creators to tag their content as a paid promotion.

The Creator Collab Campaigns come at a crucial time for Snapchat. The aim is to generate more interest from advertisers. It can’t be ignored how influencer marketing has gained momentum amidst other forms of paid social advertising. Snapchat’s parent company, Snap, has faced challenges, with a 4% year-over-year revenue decline in Q2. To navigate this transition, the platform is focusing on streamlining the relationship between creators and brands.

Snapchat’s commitment to promoting its creators as the backbone of the platform is further evident in its recent immersive content series, Phantom House. This series follows content creators as they navigate a haunted house, providing a unique opportunity for brands to run ads and create AR experiences. Brands like Disney+ and Maybelline have already joined the journey, showcasing Snapchat’s ongoing innovation in the world of influencer marketing.

Final Thoughts

In a month filled with bewitching events and innovative marketing campaigns, October showcased the incredible power of creativity and community. From the enchanting streets of Manchester to the imaginative campaigns of Olaplex and Tinder, the world continues to captivate us with its ever-evolving stories and experiences.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Social Republic as we continue to bring you the latest trends and highlights. Read our September favourites for even more inspiration.

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