Meet The Team: Graphic Designer Abbie 

Graphic design mogul and longest-standing SR employee Abbie knows a thing or two about creating scroll-stopping visuals to inspire and captivate. 

From her not to desirable bowling skills to her happy can-do attitude, Abbie is a valued member of the team that we could not live without. 

Find out more about Senior Graphic Designer Abbie…

Can you share something that you have worked on that you are particularly proud of and why?

I created the Digital Screen Artwork for The Manchester Flower Festival. My motion graphic was displayed on ’The Screen’ at The Arndale to advertise the Flower Festival to passers by.

I actually got the opportunity to go and see the display which was so exciting and it felt very surreal seeing my work in such a large scale and public space.

What has been your favourite moment working at SR, Abbie?

There have been so many memorable moments, the SR team is comprised of so many lovely, friendly individuals.

 If I had to choose one stand out moment it would be our work social visit to the Comedy Club at Freight Island. The night consisted of non-stop laughs, lots of pinot grigio and a lot of jokes at the expense of our CEO, Rob.

Who is your dream client?

We get asked this question a lot in the office and I have definitely had different answers each time. 

However, at the moment I am really into interior design. I like finding fun, interesting pieces for my home so a homeware company would probably be my go-to choice. If I had to be specific it would be HomeSense.

Have you always been interested in graphic design?

Graduating with a degree in Digital Media, I had every intention of starting a career in Digital Marketing. However, after an 8-week internship, I soon faced the fact that this direction wasn’t really creatively fulfilling enough for me. 

I have always been an extremely creative individual. This probably stems back to Art GCSE and A level, so I decided to take a job in content creation and found that instead of dreading every workday, I loved it. This soon developed into a further passion for graphic design which is, of course, what I do now.

What is something you have learnt from the role?

Whilst working for an agency like SR, you learn that patience really is the key to everything. 

In regards to graphic design, there are times when you just want to give up on an asset that’s not looking quite how you’d imagined. 

Stepping away, taking some time to refresh and researching inspiration usually gets you the result you want eventually.

With agency life, there are scenarios that require a bit of problem solving and level-headed thinking especially when it comes to conscientious clients. Again, patience, taking the time to step back and collaborate with others usually gets you to the best solution.

Do you have any advice for people looking to get into graphic design?

Give it a go! 

You don’t have to be an incredible artist to create beautiful design. We have a great internship programme at SR.

I always recommend getting onto YouTube and looking for tutorials that pique your interest. Motion graphics, photoshop, illustration, there’s literally a tutorial for everything!

Practice makes perfect and you would be surprised at how useful they are in helping to develop your skills.