University To Deliver Groundbreaking AI Project For LinkedIn Scheduling Tool

Manchester Metropolitan University & Vulse Teams

Manchester Metropolitan University is set to deliver a revolutionary artificial intelligence (AI) project for LinkedIn scheduling tool,, as part of the Greater Manchester AI Foundry., a web application created by global agency Social Republic, helps small businesses create engaging LinkedIn content using innovative technologies.

Teams from the Department of Computing and Maths will work alongside, to implement AI features that will suggest content ideas to users, reducing post creation from two hours to under three minutes.

The Greater Manchester AI Foundry, led by Manchester Metropolitan University, is a £6m project that brings together expertise in AI shared with Greater Manchester businesses in a bid to help them develop new products and services.

Dave Webb, Technical R&D Analyst at Manchester Metropolitan University commented:

“We are proud to be supporting on their journey and look forward to implementing groundbreaking innovation offered by the Greater Manchester AI foundry.

The AI features created by our analysts and sector specialists will be world-first in terms of the unique scoring system, and represent a game-changing opportunity for small businesses.” founder, Rob Illidge, added:

“Joining the AI foundry enables us to work with AI specialists at Manchester Metropolitan University and support growing businesses looking to create engaging social media content.

Our mission is to help small business owners compete more effectively in today’s digital economy by providing them with the resources they need to stand out online – without having to hire an expensive agency or rely on overpriced, self-service tools.

Following completion of the project, we aim to release a market-ready product, and within 5 years, to be known as the world’s leading, AI-powered social media post creation platform setting the bar for digital marketing innovation, offering products for all major social networks and serving over 149,000 users.”

The project hopes to help local businesses build back better following the disruption caused by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. is a web application that helps small business owners that lack the time, knowledge or resources to create outstanding social media content, by delivering an easy to understand, step-by-step process.

Their mission is to reduce content creation time from 2 hours to under 2 minutes, without having to hire an expensive agency or rely on overpriced, self-service tools.

Revolutionary AI features have been developed in partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University, with support provided by LinkedIn.

The founding team consists of social media experts with experience in developing start-up businesses to global agencies, alongside experienced SaaS and AI developers.

Vulse represents a world-first in terms of the unique scoring system, combining tools offered by competitors, and aims to raise a seed-round of £220,000 to support projected five-year sales of £61.7m, generating 149,997 users and the creation of 20 new UK jobs.