Listen To Spotify On Facebook Today

Music lovers… listen up.

The collaboration we’re all super excited for – Facebook X Spotify is set to hit your screens near you.

Facebook has announced that they are expanding their partnership with Spotify, making it possible to share and listen to full-length music tracks and podcast episodes on Facebook.

Facebook explains:

“The new feature, which will introduce a mini player experience within Facebook, will make it easier for you to connect your Spotify listening experience with your Facebook community. You can share what you’re listening to with your friends and others who share your interests. And if you want, you can tell them why it’s meaningful to you.”

So how will this new feature work? 

  • When listening to a song or podcast on Spotify, select the “Share” menu, tap “Share,” then “Facebook” and/or “Facebook News Feed.” 
  • People you share with can tap a “Play” button to listen right within the Facebook app, and a mini player experience will appear with playback options (Play, Pause, Dismiss). 
  • When you engage with a post from an artist you follow on Facebook, you’ll see a “Play” button so you can easily jump right into their music.
  • You can listen to songs and podcasts from the Spotify app via this integration while browsing Facebook; and even while your phone display is turned off.

This is a great new update that is going to have many Spotify fans jumping with joy. Gone are the days of opening a third-party app.

Will you be listening to Spotify whilst on Facebook?

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