LinkedIn Releases New Updates: All You Need To Know

LinkedIn Releases New Updates: All You Need To Know

Whilst platforms compete against each other, it’s always interesting to await new updates and more importantly try them out. 

That’s why we were incredibly excited to hear that LinkedIn has launched a series of updates, ranging from aesthetic tweaks to the addition of innovative, useful tools. 

In this article we will outline the new improvements and how they can be applied to help businesses grow via the platform. 

Keep reading to be educated, informed and inspired…

1. New look

One of the most obvious updates LinkedIn is set to change, is the look of its platform.

Rather than using the bold blue tone as its primary colour, it has now opted for subtler shades with the choice of pastel tones against a grey and white background.

This new look gives a calmer, neutral tone to the platform rather than the bold version it had before – providing a clean and smart style whilst also giving off a professional feel.

2. Story sensation

As many people know, LinkedIn has been trialling stories in selected nations and after a lengthy process, has now concluded to launch the story feature for all users.

Stories are a tool which platforms can put their own twist on and incorporate additional features to make the option as interactive as possible. For example, as we have seen with Instagram and Facebook via tools such as polls.  

The question is, what features will LinkedIn apply to its stories? The possibilities really are endless…

3. Searching gets easier

According to LinkedIn, it is transforming the separate search feature into the ability to have a combination of searches.

For example, previously you could only individually search for people or jobs but now you can combine these variables into the one. The site has referred to this as a “blended search” whereby you can easily find courses, groups, people, jobs and much more in just one search.

This is a feature many platforms are yet to introduce, but it will make searching for specifics more time efficient and effective at finding what or who you are looking for.

However, previously only available via mobile devices, this feature will now be available on the new and improved website version. 

4. Remote working 

It can get confusing when you have so many options to choose from when it comes to remote work calls.

LinkedIn has upped its offering to ensure it is the one-stop-shop for all remote worker’s needs. 

According to the platform, it is going to launch a “video meeting via a LinkedIn message, with integrations for Microsoft Teams, Bluejeans and Zoom”.

This saves workers the confusion of what video call platform to use.

LinkedIn is a go-to platform where many marketers thrive, therefore it makes sense to add this additional feature and it will definitely prove popular for the large population working at home. 

5. Don’t worry about typos

When messaging via LinkedIn, users can often make spelling or grammatical errors with the intention of replying quickly.

With LinkedIn’s new update you can now erase or edit a sent message… if only we could apply this function to emails too!

6. Quick action

Unsure of what to reply to a LinkedIn message? Or don’t want to risk feeling rude by not giving a reply? 

Worry no more with LinkedIn’s new quick action tool. This allows users to send an action, for example a thumbs up, in response to messages and comments.

This will not only save users time but also act as an important conversational feature.

What new LinkedIn update is your favourite?