LinkedIn Introduces New Campaign Manager Features

With the aim of helping to develop and create more effective campaigns, last week LinkedIn introduced three new objectives in their rebranded Campaign Manager in their blog post. This included brand awareness, website conversions, and job applicants.

The new tools allow unique objectives to be devised with their impact being measured and reflectively priced. LinkedIn made this statement describing it as “a full-funnel experience to help you achieve more of your goals.”

two silver laptop computers besides clear glass jar

The advanced objectives consist of:

  • Brand awareness: Increase brand recognition through lead generation.
  • Website conversions: Devise campaigns that direct the audience to websites and encourages them to perform specific tasks such as making a registration.
  • Job applicants: Using the Campaign Manager drive applications on the site by increasing awareness through the creation of ads.

In addition to the campaign objectives, LinkedIn has also improved its click pricing to reflect the objectives set. For example, if website visits are the objective, the charge will be for the number of clicks directed to the website.