LinkedIn Has Published A Guide on Content Marketing To Help Businesses During COVID-19

LinkedIn has issued a content marketing guide to continue to support small businesses with social media and ‘best practice’ online advice.

The guide titled: ‘Content Marketing in Times of Uncertainty’ is to help businesses gain a greater understanding of what they can be doing during this difficult time.

With a ‘21% increase in social media usage worldwide since the start of the pandemic’, the guide explains that focusing on your online presence right now is vital.

However, it advises that simply just being online is not enough. It’s critical for brands to provide valuable content which its consumers want to see.

It is especially important to avoid alienating consumers through insensitive promotions which neglect the current situational climate.

In order to steer clear of this, the guide provides some useful tips on ‘how to advertise in a recession’.

They make it clear that companies should be focusing on long-term goals right now, for example, developing their brand awareness rather than pushing for short-term sales.

Another interesting aspect that the guide covers, is the importance of trust in this current climate.

The 2020 Edelman Trust Barometer Special Report: Brands and the Coronavirus outlines that ‘more than eight out of ten respondents’ want brands to provide educational content and to be a source for reliable news right now.

Showing empathy and support for the consumer seems to be paramount during this unconventional time, but is also something which brands can easily tap in to.

If you are looking to use paid advertisement, the guide provides some handy tips to avoid missing the mark.

These include providing ads that focus on: familiar scenarios, the past, and the celebration of human connections.

Only ‘8% of consumers think brands should stop advertising during the crisis’ so do not feel like you need to put a halt on things in order to stay positive in your consumers eyes.

As well as providing advice for paid advertisements, the guide looks at how you can be rocking your organic content right now.

Focus seems to be on producing a variety of content such as videos and pdfs that keep your consumers informed, whilst also boosting your brand awareness.

We think that this guide is a great way to help brands to realign their business goals and feel confident in their marketing strategy again, despite the unconventional time we are currently going through.

You can access the full guide here.

If you are interested in learning how your business can adapt its social strategy during lockdown, get in touch today.