LinkedIn Give Tips On How To Maximize Company Pages

LinkedIn classified the ten most followed company pages on the platform – which, for the most part, is likely who you would attend.

The top ten most followed LinkedIn Company Pages worldwide are:

  1. TED Conferences (12.5 million followers)
  2. Google (12.1 million followers)
  3. Amazon (8.6 million followers
  4. LinkedIn (8.2 million followers)
  5. Microsoft (7.8 million followers)
  6. IBM (6.4 million followers)
  7. Unilever (6.2 million followers)
  8. Nestl√© (6 million followers)
  9. Accenture (4.4 million followers)
  10. Facebook (4.4 million followers)

Without surprise – several tech companies, TED talks, major corporations, etc.

Although the list itself doesn’t give any surprising revelations, LinkedIn has also inserted an interesting collection of key pointers for brands looking to boost their LinkedIn occupation, based on the performance of these top organizations.

According to  LinkedIn, these are the key things that these company pages do:

  • Post video content – As per to LinkedIn, “video content is heavily infused into the content mixes for these LinkedIn Pages, and these posts invariably tend to rank among the top performers”. LinkedIn says that these companies post videos with “short runtimes, attention-grabbing hooks, and captions for those viewing without sound”, many more people are now utilizing LinkedIn’s own live-streaming contributing to provide new video types. All brands can’t access LinkedIn’s live-streaming option so far, but there’s more information on the process here.
  • Socially Responsible – LinkedIn marks that these companies highlight corporate social responsibilities, sustainability, and other socially favourable practices on their company pages, which supports them to establish a better connection with their on-platform communities.
  • Diversity and inclusion – According to LinkedIn: “people want to follow, and do business with, organizations that share their values. Equality is top-of-mind for many in this regard, and several of the companies above are making their enlightened stances on these matters clear continually.” 
  • Highlighting Internal Experts – LinkedIn says that these organizations also want to showcase the expertise of their employees, which can help to create a connection with users, giving a face to the brand. It can also help them to engage new talent, as they see what working for these organizations can do for them professionally.
  • Showcasing innovation – Definitely, LinkedIn reports that these Pages also apply “creative and compelling ways to share their progress and plans”, which help users to a position as leaders in their field. By showing their sectors leadership on LinkedIn, they work to further maintain their position in their respective industry.

LinkedIn does note that, mainly, these companies doing a great job, which is clearly key to building and keep a good reputation.

Companies have significant resources to create content, so it’s not always a fair example for smaller organizations in terms of their content output, but there are some keynotes here that can comfort to guide your own LinkedIn strategy – at last, get you thinking about how you can look to develop your on-platform performance.

You can read more on the top-performing LinkedIn company pages, and LinkedIn’s page tips, here