LinkedIn Engagement Increasing Says Microsoft Report

A key negative of LinkedIn being purchased by Microsoft back in 2016 was that losing access to regular performance reports which included detailed insights into member growth.

For now, we have to utilise updates within LinkedIn’s broader performance reports, which don’t add the same level of insight but can still give us some idea as to what’s happening on the platform. 

As part of Microsoft Microsft’s FY20 Q1 report, this week, the company included this brief update on LinkedIn’s current status:

LinkedIn Q1 2020 report

The report shows a 22% growth in users, growing the trend of ‘record engagement’ levels.

If you haven’t been paying attention to LinkedIn, it may be worth more of your focus in 2020.

The platform has been working to develop user engagement through various means, including improving it’s feed algorithm to give more users updates a greater of a share of overall attention, and showcasing more engaging relevant news stories from the day, via its expanding team of 65 journalists who work to maximise user activity.

Microsoft has reported LinkedIn seeing ‘record levels of engagement’ in each of its updates over the last year, and the platform continues to boost those numbers.

By listening to its community, and responding to what’s driving engagement, LinkedIn is working to become a more active hub of professional conversation and that could lead to significant marketing opportunities.