LinkedIn Adds A Host Of New Platform Features

Over the past few months, LinkedIn has been adding lots of new features to its platform. This has included reactions, live-streaming and even their own version of ‘stories’ for some higher education users.

But just two days ago, the platform announced in a blog post the release of some more new features. This included the addition of photo-tagging as well as the outlining of their new video messaging functionality.

1. Photo Tagging

Although this feature has been an option for many users since April, the platform has officially launched this to al users.

LinkedIn photo-tagging example
Source: LinkedIn

In this latest blog post, LinkedIn made this statement. “Think you recognize someone in the photo? Or just want to make sure your co-worker knows when you upload a photo with them in it? Now when you post a photo, you can tag people in it. The world seems smaller and your community a little tighter when you let people know who is who.”

2. Video Messaging

The second new feature has no doubt come about in order to keep up with current social media trends. The option essentially will allow users to send video clip responses within the messaging process.

LinkedIn video messaging examples
Source: Linkedin

“Millions of members have posted videos and shared them with their connections or in groups: sharing ideas, experiences, or simply a view into their working life. Now you can do the same in messaging, too.”

Video has become an increasingly growing form of content on LinkedIn. Within their own stats, they state that users are 20 times more likely to share a video than any other type of post. This new feature provides users with new ways to stand out on the platform.

3. Moving Messaging and Post Buttons

A slightly smaller change that LinkedIn have made is the movement of the post and messaging buttons. It’s hoped that this will create easier access to the platform features for users.

This new placement will ultimately allow LinkedIn users to engge faster which in turn should help to boost in-app activity.

Additionally, the layout now aligns with that of other social media platforms, such as Instagram and Snapchat.

“It’s now easier to post or message from anywhere in the mobile app. The post button has a new home in the bottom center of your screen, and the message button now lives in the top right corner.”

4. Topic Listings

The last new addition to LinkedIn will allow users to find all groups they’re part of as well as the hashtags that they follow on the right side of their feed/desktop, or by clicking their profile picture in the top left on mobile.