Learn Essential Photo Skills With Apple & Social Republic

Apple and Social Republic invite you to an exclusive session where you can explore how to take the best photos on your iPhone.

We’ll show you how to compose and capture a great shot, and share techniques for taking photos in any environment.

person talking selfie of sea shorre

You’ll learn how to share your photos whenever and wherever.

Get hands-on with the latest iPhone in this session or bring your own.

From taking a self-portrait to photographing groups, we’ll then show you how to capture people and their place with iPhone.

You’ll practice with interesting backdrops, work with Portrait mode and Portrait Lighting, and find flattering angles for your subject.

rose gold iPhone 6s on book near Apple watch

The event will run from 10:30 – 12:30pm.

Spaces are extremely limited at this free event, so make sure you sign up quickly at the link below.