Leading Brands And Their Social Activity. Spotlight Focus: Topshop

Leading Brands And Their Social Activity. Spotlight Focus: Topshop

It’s safe to say that everyone knows about Topshop – one of the leading clothing brands in the UK. 

The British multinational fashion retailer has around 510 shops worldwide, around 300 of those just within the UK. 

Founded back in 1964, the company actually started as a brand extension of the department store ‘Peter Robinson’ – and was reported by The Times as “high fashion for the young and different generation”.

Since its humble beginnings Topshop has transformed into a brand that inspires consumers, which is why it’s not surprising to see that it has 10.4 million followers on just Instagram alone. 

So, what draws people to its social media platforms? 

  1. A Vision Board For Creativity

Instagram is a visually-led platform, enabling users to express their creativity in unique ways. And Topshop has used this focus to its advantage.

What makes people hit ‘follow’? It’s the desire to see more. 

Topshop has created a feed that is a treat to the eye. Through its use of a subtle editing effect, the brand ensures that its images are blended seamlessly. 

Consumers can simply use its social media accounts as a source for inspiration or as a way to envision outfits they can put together. 

Whilst there is no set template in place, it manages to effortlessly post images which all work and fit together harmoniously. 

Image credit: Instagram @topshop
  1. Purchasing Made Simple

You want to treat yourself to some new clothes, but not sure where to start looking or even buy from? 

Topshop has leveled up the e-commerce side of its business by incorporating product tags into its visual imagery.

If consumers see something they like, they can simply click on the item and complete a purchase within a few taps… it really is that easy.

Perfect for when its customers need that dose of retail therapy – Topshop is already ready and waiting. 

Image credit: Instagram @topshop
  1. Flat-lay Fanatics 

Nothing quite says outfit inspiration than an on-trend flat-lay that oozes with style and sophistication.

Flat-lays are a great visual way for brands to put together outfits its consumers can envision themselves wearing. 

And when it comes to e-commerce consumers want to be presented with ideas on how to use that item or clothing piece. What should they style it with? What colours should they pair with it? How can they wear it for the current season?

The brand presents various flat-lays of its clothes which makes it easy for consumers to justify the purchase. This technique might even sway its customers to purchase more than the one item.

Image credit: Instagram @topshop
  1. Topshop Ambassadors 

Who is going to convince you to make a purchase or engage with a brand on social media? Ambassadors, or as some people know them, influencers. 

These social media inspirations hold a great deal of power when it comes to representing a brand.

Influencers are not only extremely trendy, but they also have trust between themselves and their consumers.

Image credit: Instagram @topshop

What do you love about Topshop and what do you think contributes to its social media success?