Leading Brands And Their Social Activity. Spotlight Focus: The Body Shop

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Leading Brands And Their Social Activity. Spotlight Focus: The Body Shop

The Body Shop is an acknowledged brand notorious for its natural skincare and luxurious beauty products.

But we bet you didn’t know how this brand was born?

Its story began with its founder, Anita Roddick, who opened a little green shop in Brighton with the sole belief that businesses could be a force for good.

The Body Shop is not just an average company selling cosmetics. 

To this day, it still stands by its belief and with over 40 years of campaigning, change-making and modifying the beauty industry for the better – we feel it deserves to be in our spotlight this week.

Making A Difference

The Body Shop is a brand many should look up to for the greater good it has done and still continues to do.

With its core values shown below in its bio: #ForeverAginstAnimalTesting and #CommunityFairTrade, these are only two examples of the values it stands by.

The body shop's Instagram account
Image credit: Instagram @thebodyshop
Act together campaign
Image credit: Instagram @thebodyshop

The Body Shop uses the power of its social media, with over 2.3 million followers and massive campaign reach, to let its voice and cause be heard. 

One example is through its ‘Come Together Act Together’ campaign whereby it made a donation of up to £150K during the Christmas period to charity End Youth Homelessness. 

Whatever the purchase, big or small, the brand donated 2p from every transaction made online and in store between the 13th October to 31st December this year.

The donations made will help young people escape homeless for good by supporting them into a safe place to call home.

Not only this, but they created and hosted a ‘Sleep Out’ event to help raise money which took part on 20th November this year. Overall this event raised over £286k which went towards delivering services that transform the lives of homeless young people.

These funds are only part of what this campaign has contributed to help support vulnerable young people to escape homelessness for good.

This just shows that with the power of social media – from raising awareness to driving donations – it’s a great tool to support both brands and their causes. 

Ask The Community 

The Body Shop shows evidence of how it brings together consumers through its social media platform.

One example is through its weekly #askthecommunity series, whereby it asks its followers a specific question.

Below shows just a few examples, from the best skincare tip you’ve ever been given to what facemask you would choose.

It’s a great way to increase engagement online with engaged followers, share knowledge with each other and create a community spirit.

Question from the body shop's social media account
Image credit: Instagram @thebodyshop
Question of the day from Instagram
Image credit: Instagram @thebodyshop

Texture Tuesday

Another social media series we can’t not discuss is its #texturetuesday series whereby every Tuesday it will post a video or image of a product close up to reveal its texture.

This may sound slightly odd but it’s rather satisfying.

Without seeing a product in person, it can be difficult to imagine what it’s like before making that purchase. 

Which is why through the power of high quality images, the brand can share content which is as close to reality as possible. 

The drops of youth cream
Image credit: Instagram @thebodyshop
Cream from the body shop on a mirror
Image credit: Instagram @thebodyshop

Routine & How To Videos

There’s something entertaining to watch about routine videos. 

Through sheer intrigue and product interest – this type of content sees huge views across the board. 

The Body Shop has tuned into this and utilises the IGTV tool to share routine videos.

A couple examples as shown below are skincare routines:

Skincare routine by Rami Hanna
Image credit: Instagram @thebodyshop

This not only provides consumers with knowledge about how to use specific products, but also how to implement them into your daily routine.

Another series on IGTV, The Body Shop share is it’s ‘How To’ videos, as shown below:

IGTV's on the body shop
Image credit: Instagram @thebodyshop

Like routine videos, this is a great way to provide knowledge but also entertainment.

From how to get glowing skin to how to dry brush your body, these delve deeper into specific topics.

Compared to routine videos, these go into more depth when talking about the products go into detail every step of the process.

What do you love about The Body Shops’ social media? Let us know in the comments on our post on Instagram or Facebook.