Leading Brands And Their Social Activity. Spotlight Focus: TALA

Leading Brands And Their Social Activity. Spotlight Focus: TALA

The spotlight is on TALA for this week’s leading brand and social media activity focus. 

The brand is one of the freshest onto the gym wear scene and has gone from strength to strength since first established in May 2019.

Its founder Grace Beverley is extremely admirable – not only has she established one successful business, but also founded ‘B_ND’ whilst studying at Oxford University. 

Being the recognisable face, whom many of her consumers look up to, has meant that Grace has spread awareness of her business online at a lightning pace and currently sees 247k followers on Instagram alone. 

In the following article we’re going to delve deeper into the brand’s social media foundations and activity to see how it has got to where it is today. 

  1. Sustainability

One core value of the brand which has drawn consumers in, is its sustainability. 

More people are beginning to pay more attention to brands who are conscious about this important characteristic. 

By educating consumers about how TALA inhibits sustainability, has meant that the awareness of the brand has increased dramatically. This has not only resulted in it becoming a strong brand ethically but also economically. 

Consumers are willing to invest more in products which will last a longer duration. TALA promotes its high quality materials and how its products are designed to last across all its social media platforms.

You may presume this may mean consumers are unlikely to be returning customers because of the price tag. But you are wrong. Different colourways, different designs but all sustainable, durable and high quality means that its following return time after time. 

Promoting this as its core value has been a big influence towards its success on social media. 

  1. Inclusivity 

Now more than ever, the world of social media is becoming an educational movement. And many brands have followed this.

TALA has promoted itself as inclusive – the products are designed for everyone and anyone, with its brand proposition “representing whatever makes you, you”*. 

This positions the brand as admirable, praiseworthy and commendable. 

Not only does this create a wider target audience but it also greatens the positive sentiment and as a result, has provided the brand with huge success online.

  1. Environmentally aware 

TALA makes a conscious effort to make a difference to the environment. 

For example, its product tags contain seeds – and yes, you heard it right, seeds. This has helped to increase engagement with its consumers by sharing images of the seeds germinating. 

The brand also uses a large amount of eco-friendly materials, including upcycled materials. This means it reduces the amount of chemicals, water and wastewater used in production. 

TALA is also proud to announce that it features recycled packaging.** An important proposition featured on its Instagram page “from plastic bottles and factory offcuts”***. 

This drives awareness of the brand by promoting it as a company who focuses on creating a positive change. The act of being mindful, helps to inspire its customers as well as drive brand-consumer relationships. 

What do you love about TALA’s social media and core values they promote?